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kern mantle rigging rope

Kern Mantle Rigging Line (100 foot lengths)

Micro-fiber, soft, flexible, easy on your hands with a large 3/4" diameter that's easier to grip. Strong--tensile strength of 10,000 lbs. give you a safe working load of 500 lbs. at a safety factor of 5%. 4 1/2 times stronger than the halter/handline above with only 4 lbs. additional weight per 100 feet! This is a very suitable rigger's line.

If you are using this rope with a pulley, it is recommended that you use the Wide split-side pulley instead of the RP 101 or 102.
100 feet weighs 11 pounds.
We stock this line in 100 foot lengths.
28030a-000 338
Colors available vary. Specify color preferences in the text box on the "view cart" page.
We will contact you and try to accommodate your request. Dependent upon colors currently available from manufacturer.