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Tool Belt

Stagehand's Tool Belt
The perfect Stagehand's Tool Belt.  Unique, versatile AND customizable.

Here's the tool belt everyone wants. It was designed by a stagehand with the stagehand's needs in mind. Its' special construction makes it far better than any common variety webbed tool belt you may have used in the past.

Made of lightweight ballistic nylon, it's really TWO belts in one--a 1" belt and a 2" belt! Attach any combination of pouches you want. Customize it exactly the way you like it.

Here's the purpose of the 1" belt: some tools like Leatherman or Super Leathermans cases won't fit on a standard 2" tool belt, but with the outer 1" belt, you can carry those tools in their original cases.  Another good use is that you can hang heavy tool pouches on the 1" belt and the 2" belt won't roll up like on other belts.  That feature makes it a really comfortable tool belt to wear.

It incorporates hammer loops to carry your hammer on either side (for lefties or righties), or to carry two hammers (eg. a regular hammer and a tack hammer for you carpet layers). The perfectly positioned hammer loops mean the hammer won't be banging you in the knees while walking.

Also on the outer belt, there are two D rings--one on each side where you can clip caribiners, wrench lanyards or whatever you like.

The two inch belt has two hammer loops built right into it -- one on either side for lefties or righties or if you're carrying a regular hammer and a tack hammer. You're all set with the Stagehand's tool belt. The hammer loops are perfectly positioned just behind center -- no more hammer handles banging you in the knees. The hammer loops are made of a filled nylong tubing for stability and to make putting your hammer in the loops convenient.

The buckle is a tough quick release Zytel.

All that's left to make this YOUR perfect tool belt is to add your favorite pouches. You'll carry all the tools you need without any excess baggage. The pouches can be changed back and forth to complete your tool belt for whatever job you're doing.

Now you know why I consider this to be the Perfect Stagehand's Tool belt.
Black only. Made in the USA.  Specify size desired.
Small:  up to 30"
Medium:  30" -  42"
Large:  42" -  49"
Extra Large:  48" - 55"
#31030  Stagehand's Tool Belt  $34.95
Quantity: Size:

Belt Loop Pouches

Electrician's Bag (but not just for Electricians)
Two inch belt loops.   Measures 6" wide x 7" high x 2 1/2" deep.
Velcro closing flap.  Lots of pockets and an outer clothespin holder ribbon & D ring

Here's a favorite among all crew members
Three outer pockets. One on the front and one on each side.
Main compartment has two additional pocket dividers inside.
A nylon stap on the outside allows you to carry clothespins in easy reach.
D-ring on the other side completes this bag.
Sturdy nylon construction. Heavily reinforced sides and bottom.
Black only.  Made in the USA.

#30010  197 197a Electrician's Bag  $39.95

Large Assistant Cameraman Pouch
Large pocket and lots of smaller pockets for pens, small tools, etc. Made in the USA.
#30023 Large AC Pouch  $39.95

Large Pockits
All Black nylon holster.  Plastic belt clip.  Holds a AA Maglite, multiplier and lots more!
#31010  660 Large Pockits  $19.95

Overview of Tool Bags
Top (left to right): 
Small Military Tool Bag, Medium Tool Bag (discontinued)
Bottom (left to right): 
Large Tool Bag, Super Heavyduty Tool Bag

Super Heavy Duty Tool Bag 
17" long, 10" wide and 12" high. 

The wide mouth opens and stays open with a steel rod 'reinforced zipper opening. Lots of pockets: 12 on the inside and 10 on the outside. Heavy webbing handles are sewn all the way around the bag for added strength and it has' a shoulder strap too. A great all-around bag -- just add tools.
#30060  931 Super Heavyduty Toolbag  $39.95

Small Military Tool Bag 
Heavy duty canvas and BRASS zipper.
Outer and inner pockets--both sides.

Wouldn't you like to be able to carry all your working tools in one small bag? The Small Military Tool Bag's main compartment closes with a heavy duty brass zipper. It also has two outer compartments which snap shut. Inside there are dividers to keep your tools organized. 

Made of a heavy cotton canvas with a strong hard fiber bottom.  Rugged cotton carrying handle.

The Small Military Tool Bag is 11" long  x  6" wide  x  7" high. 
Note: The zipper cannot be completely closed when you carry a hammer. 

#30030  151 Small Military Tool Bag  $17.95

Large Tool Bag
Very similar appearance to the medium sized bag, just larger with heavy duty canvas and BRASS zipper.
Outer and inner pockets.

If the Medium Tool Bag is too small, try the Large Tool Bag.  It's main compartment closes with a heavy duty brass zipper and an outer compartment snaps shut.  Inside there are dividers with Velcro closures to keep your tools organized. 

Made of a heavy cotton canvas with a strong hard fiber bottom, brass zipper and rugged cotton carrying handle.

The Large Tool Bag is 19" long  x  6" wide  x  7" high. 

#30050  Large Tool Bag  $21.95

Tool Holsters

Drill/Driver Holster for "Lefties" and "Righties"

Heavy Nylon holsters are made to fit all drill drivers including 12v and 14.4v heavy duty Makitas, DeWalts and others. Pockets on the outside carry extra drill bits. Comes in all black.
#30070  408/409 Drill/Driver Holster  $25. 95
Quantity: Style:


Pelican Cases

Pelican Cases
World's toughest watertight protector cases.

Various colors available: black, silver, yellow, blue, orange.

Outside dimensions:
Model 1120 - 8 ¼" L x 6 6/16" W x 3 9/16" D (#pel1120) $29.95
Model 1150 - 9 ½" L x 7 9/16" W x 4 3/8" D (#pel1150) $39.95
Model 1200 - 10 5/8" L x 9 11/16" W x 4 7/8" D (#pel1200) $54.95
Model 1300 - 10 5/8" L x 9 11/16" W x 6 7/8" D (#pel1300) $64.95
Model 1400 - 13 3/8" L x 11 5/8" W x 6" D (#pel1400) $89.95
Model 1450 - 16" L x 13" W x 6 7/8" D (#pel1450) 119.95
Model 1470CC-2 - computer case - 16 11/16" L x 13 1/16" W x 4 3/8" D (#pel1470CC-2) $179.95
Model 1490AC - attaché - 19 7/16" L x 13 15/16" W x 4 11/16" D (#pel1490AC) $189.95
Model 1500 - 18 ½" L x 14 1/16" W x 4 11/16" D (#pel1500) $139.95
Model 1520 - 19 1/8" L x 15 7/16" W x 7 9/16" D (#pel1520) $149.95
Model 1550 - 20 11/16" L x 17 3/16" W x 8 9/16" (#pel1550) $169.95
Model 1600 - 24 1/8" L x 19 7/16" W x 8 11/16" (#pel1600) $199.95
Model 1610 - with wheels and pull out handle) 24 9/16" L x 9 5/6" L x 8 11/16" D (#pel1610) $259.95
Model 1620 - with wheels and pull out handle) 24 13/16" L x 19 3/8" W x 13 7/8" D (#pel1620) $279.95
Model 1650 - 32 ½" L x 20 ½" W x 11 5/16" D (#pel1650) $289.95
Model 1700 - with wheels - 38 1/8" L x 17 13/16" W x 6 1/8" D (#pel1700) $229.95
Model 1750 - with wheels - 53" L x 17 7/16" W x 6 1/16" D (#pel1750) $259.95

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