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Xenon / LED Combo Flashlights

  • Streamlight Twintask flashlight
    Streamlight Twintask flashlight$39.95
    Combines Xenon and LED into one flashlight!

    If you were able to combine a Scorpion Xenon flashlight with an Inova Five LED flashlight what you'd get is the Streamlight Twintask. For those of you who want both but don't want to carry two lights, here's your solution. The Twintask has three LEDs, comes only in white light and has a wider spread than the Five LED flashlight. So what you get is a good LED flashlight and a xenon flashlight that's just as bright as a Scorpion but lacks the focusing feature.

    This flashlight comes in two using two lithium 123A batteries (6 volts) and the other using just one battery (3 volts).

    The 2 cell version runs for 28 hours on LED and 2.5 hours on Xenon. Length = 5 1/2 inches. The 1 cell version runs for 9.5 hours on LED and 1.5 hours on Xenon. Length = 4 inches.

    FAQ: John,What's your recommendation on LED/Xenon combination flashlights?
    ANSWER: It depends on what you're going to use it for and how much you're going to use it. Obviously, any tool that combines functions of more than one tool is probably going to make some sacrifices. Same with these flashlights. The Twintask using the Xenon bulb isn't as clean a light as say a Scorpion and on LED power it's not as good as bright as the Five LED flashlight. But that doesn't mean it's not a good flashlight, it just means that in order to provide both functions they had to make compormises. My suggestion is if you want the best or if your career depends on your flashlight, get one or both of the single function lights. On the other hand, if cost is most important or you don't mind not having the best of either, then a cobination flashlight will do you just fine.