Tools for Stagecraft

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Levels / Squares / Plumb Bobs

  • PLS3 Three Beam Laser - projects beam up, down and forward
    PLS3 Three Beam Laser$399.95
    Laser beam is split in three directions -- up, down and forward. Very bright beams. Self-leveling.
  • PLS2 Line Layout Laser projects lines instead of dots
    PLS2 Line Layout Laser$319.95
    PLS-2 spreads a line of laser light across the wall either vertically or horizontally. With the single push of a button you can use the self-leveling horizontal line or a vertical line or both at the same time. Press the button again and you can lock the beams if you need a line set at an angle. Accurate to 1/8" in 30 feet. It's very versatile and small too. Self-leveling.
  • Self leveling PLS5 Five Beam Laser - projects laser beam up, down, left, right and forward
    PLS-5 Five Beam Laser$599.95
    Laser beam is split in five directions -- up, down, forward, left and right. Accurately plumbs and squares with laser precision. Self-leveling.