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  • Spot Dot 2000 followspot aiming device
  • Spot Handle makes running a follow spot much easier
    Spot Handle$49.95
    Just like power steering. You must try it to believe it! Put it on your Followspot and you won't believe how much easier it is to manuever the lamp. All your moves become smoother. You gain incredible control and unbelievable ease of operation.

    It's designed to attach to the long carry bar on the side of the followspot but can be mounted in many other locations. You can even attach two (one on the front and one on the rear carry bar). I do this when working ice shows and circuses where the angle is often very steep. Having two mounted at different heights keeps me from getting "hunch-backed." And you'd be surprised how two Spot Handles will make long Ballyhoos and pans less tiring.

    The Spot Handle is another product I will NOT do without when running a follow spot. As one roadie told me, "I don't know why it works, but it DOES!
  • spot glove keeps your left arm from being burned on hot follow spot lamps
    Spot Glove$29.95
    No more burned hands and arms. Fingertip to elbow protection. The Spot Glove(tm) is the solution to Followspot Operator Arm Burns. If you're tired of getting burned on hot Followspots; and you're tired of draping your Spotlight with makeshift blankets that someone always removes before you use the lamp again; and you're tired of trying to hold the lever knobs with the very tips of your fingers, then the Spot Glove(tm) is your answer. This Left-handed glove gives you comfortable protection from fingertips to elbow. The hand is made of flexible buckskin and the forearm is a tough cowhide. It's not some "clunky" welders glove or any other less-than-perfect makeshift device.

    I use the Spot Glove whenever I run follow spot. I can rest my "douser arm" on the hottest 2.5K Xenon Super Trouper and never even think about getting burned.

    The Spot Glove is only available in medium size.
    Backside of glove is fabric with a camo print.
  • Spot Dot Leash protects your spotdot 2000 from falling
    Spot Dot Leash$9.95
    By popular demand, I have created the Spot Dot Leash. It's a ring that goes around the armature of your Spot Dot 2000(tm) followspot sight and attaches to a lightweight chain which in turn attaches to an angled steel plate. The plate is 2" long to accomodate a full width of gaffers tape firmly attach the whole mechanism to the followspot itself. That way, should an accident occur, your Spot Dot 2000 won't land on the floor or worse yet in the audience.
  • Lithium 2032 Coin Cell Battery
    Lithium 2032 Coin Cell Battery$4.00
    Provides power for your Spot Dot 2000.

    It's always a good idea to have a some extra batteries in your tool bag! 10 year shelf life. Purchase them one at a time or save money with the 10 pack.

    Note that these batteries cannot be shipped by any method other than GROUND per government hazmat regulations.

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