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ZTS Multi-Battery Tester
Tests full range of batteries (including Lithium, NiCad and NiMH) under load conditions.

It's been a long time since we've offered a stand-alone battery tester. Most simply aren't accurate enough to give you a true reading that's useful. But now the ZTS gives you that assurance. Every battery you test is put under a two second load test and the result is shown on a colored LED scale. It will tell you by percentage how much good life there is left in your battery.

There are no switches or settings to worry about and it's powered by 4 AA batteries.

Tests the following batteries:
9V alkaline, carbon zinc
6V lithium (CR223, CR-P2)
3V lithium (CR123, CR2, CRV3)
1.5V alkaline (AAA, AA, C, D, N)
3V lithium coin (CR2016, CR2025, CR2032, 58L, 1/3N)
1.5V "76" series button (S76, A76, A625, A640)
6V "28" series (28A, S28, 28L)
1.2v NiMH, NiCd rechargeable (AAA, AA, C, D)

New version adds two more battery configurations to the testing range. Picture to come.



#19135  ZTS Multi-Battery Tester  $74.95

ZTS Battery Tester - Mini
Little brother of the tester above. Same great features but tests a smaller array of batteries.Tests: 1.2V NiMH, NiCd rechargeable (AAA, AA, C, D), 1.5V alkaline (AAA, AA, C, D, N), 3V photo lithium (CR123, CR2, CRV3), 9V alkaline, zinc-carbon.

#19130  ZTS Mini Battery Tester  $39.95
Spectra Pro IV-A Light Meter
Digital light meter reads in foot candles, lux, cine speeds.
#18040  380 Spectra Pro IV-A Light Meter  $449.95
Gam Chek Jr. (left)
Quick and easy way to check dimmer output for power, correct polarity and ground. Comes with an attached shoestring lanyard. 3 neon lamps tell you instantly if you have a live power outlet and will also alert you if there is a problem with polarity and if there is a correct ground path. Label on the back on the unit indicates circuit continuity.

#19045  947 956 Gam Chek Jr.  $44.95

Gam Lamp Chek (right)
Verify the continuity of a lamp. When there's a problem, determines when the problem is in the lamp itself. Or even better, check your lamps before you hang them.

#19046   947 956 Gam Lamp Chek  $54.95

Lamp Quick-Test
Continuity Tester
This continuity tester includes a ringer and green LED light. Unit rings and lights simultaneously when a good fixture is plugged into its PBG receptacle. It is small and easy to use. Powered by one replaceable 9v battery, it's only on when actually testing a lamp.

The Lamp Quick-Test is easily carried in a CO45A pouch.

#19090  952 Lamp Quick-Test  $79.95

Wavetek DM-73B Digital Multimeter.
Formerly known as the Beckman DM-73
Measures AC and DC.

Small, lightweight, probe-type, digital multimeter.
Redesigned for 2002, but still that great little meter we all love. New Pictures to come.

So light you can carry this meter all day. Be ready to troubleshoot those annoying electrical problems.  Digital readout insures accuracy.
Measures both AC/DC voltage, resistance and continuity.
An internal ringer signals if your continuity is "good."

Every stage electrician should have this meter.

Holster your DM-73B in the CO40A pouch (see pouches category).

#18020  255 Wavetek DM-73B Multimeter  $79.95

greenlee tick tracer Greenlee Tick Tracer
Checks for electrical current without breaking the connection.

A "volt tick" is a handy tool that belongs in every electrician's toolpouch or shirtpocket. Got a bad lamp? Check to see if it's getting current quickly and easily by just TOUCHING THE CABLE with the tip of the tester. It tests for voltage right through the insulation!

The Greenlee is powered by two button batteries. To replace the batteries, just pull off the black cap. Turn the Greenlee on by sliding the plastic protector up and then pressing on the metal shirt clip. If there's current passing though the cable you'll get an audible ring AND a flashing red light.

#19030  258 Greenlee Tick Tracer  $31.95

Santronics AC Sensor
Checks for electrical current without breaking the connection.

A "volt tick" is a handy tool that belongs in every electrician's toolpouch or shirtpocket. Got a bad lamp? Check to see if it's getting current quickly and easily by just TOUCHING THE CABLE with the tip of the tester. It tests for voltage right through the insulation!

The Santronics AC Sensor is powered by two AAA batteries. To replace the batteries, just unscrew the white cap. The The Santronics is always ready for use. It never has to be turned on or off.  If there's current passing though the cable the entire white tip will glow a steady red.

FAQ: John, I'm confused. I can't decide which "volt tick" to buy. Can you offer any help?
Sure, it's really a matter of balancing personal taste with the situations you think you'll be using it in most.  The Greenlee with its audible ringer is a good choice especially while focusing.  There are always situations when you need to check a cable, but can't see the tester because you're blocked by the light. The ringer solves that situation.  On the other hand, if you're working shows that are inherently quiet (soaps, theatre) the silent Santronics allows you to check cables without worrying about the noise of a ringer.  I carry both the Greenlee and Santronics in my tool bag because I never know what situation I might be in.
#19020   259 Santronics AC Sensor  31.95

Edison (PBG) Tester
Standard Grounded Edison Plug Tester

Standard grounded Edison plug tests for correct wiring.
Checks for open ground, open neutral, open hot, hot/ground reversed, hot/neutral reversed.  And, of course, tells you if everything's OK.
#19070  260 Edison (PBG) Tester  $12.95

Socapex 6 Circuit Tester
Simple Female tester has what it takes to check 6 circuit par bars with ease. Threads removed - just push it onto the connector. 6 LEDs tell you if there's a problem, green for "good," no light for "bad" and red for a short circuit. Powered by a 9v battery.

#19100  Socapex Six Circuit Tester  $119.95

Socapex Six Circuit Tester--Pair
Male and Female. One for each end of the cable. Tells you if the cable is good and both ends don't have to be in the same place. Great for situations where the cable is already in place.

#19110  Socapex Six Circuit Tester--Pair  $239.95

MicroTech DMX Diagnostic Tool 
Does everything at a fantastic price!
Solves all the tricky DMX problems you might run into when using digital dimmers, moving lights, color scrollers and anything else that uses DMX.

Receiver displays and checks dimmer levels; locates dimmers that are changing levels; records up to 30 scenes into snapshot memory; checks data links for errors; shows number of dimmers being sent by console; calculates the console's update rate

Transmitter provides automatic "hands-free" console backup; plays back prerecorded scenes; edits scenes live on stage; fades and/or bumps dimmers levels up and down; assigns up to 30 dimmer groups; checks dimmers with variable intensity output; doesn't interfere with data link; scrolling menu text displays full names of each selection; large LED display; runs approx. 20 hours on 2 AA batteries.
This is a 5 pin tester. If you require 3 pin or 3and5 pin testing capability, order the Kit below.
Includes soft case and batteries.

#20060  MicroTech DMX Diagnostic Tool  $329.95

MicroTech DMX Diagnostic Kit

For BOTH 3 and 5 pin DMX systems. Includes 5 pin XLR connectors, soft carrying case, one pair of 5-to-3 and 3-to-5 XLR adapters, AC adapter, and batteries. Packaged in a hard storage case.

#20070  MicroTech DMX Diagnostic Kit  $429.95

DMX Pocket Tester -- 5 pin
A simple to use yet sophisticated tester that eliminates the problems associated with locating problems in DMX systems used in color scrollers, auxiliary language sound systems, etc. problem?  Just snap the DMX Tester into your line and you'll know whether or not you're getting the signal you require.

#20012 923   DMX Pocket Tester--5 Pin  $32.95


DMX Pocket Tester -- 4 pin
Perfect for checking out color scrollers.

#20011 923 DMX Pocket Tester--Four Pin  $32.95

  DMX Pocket Tester -- 3 pin
#20010  923 DMX Pocket Tester--Three Pin  $32.95

  Special -- ALL THREE DMX Pocket Testers at one LOW price
Get a big discount when you purchase the 3 pin, 4 pin and 5 pin DMX testers at the same time. No situation will "out-fox" you when you're armed with all three DMX testers.
Save $6.30 on each tester for a total savings of $18.90

#20014  All three DMX Pocket Testers  $79.95
GAM Everything!
If it comes from GAM, you can get it from TOOLS FOR STAGECRAFT.

Whether your needs run from GAM colors to gobos and blackwrap; from Scene Machines to Twin Spins or Stik-ups; from Star Stobes to dimmer boards or Gam Cheks, TOOLS FOR STAGECRAFT is your place.

A few of the fine GAM testers are listed below for simple "point and click" ordering.
On other items, please call 818-707-2656, fax 818-707-1471 or email inquiries.

Gam Chek  for Stage Pin Connectors.
Comes in red case only.
19040 gam42m 256 Gam Chek/Stage Pin Connectors  $179.95

Gam Chek for Edison and U-Ground.
Black case.
19041 gam43m Gam Chek/Edison,U-Ground  $239.95

Gam Chek for Twist Lock
L5 20P 3 pin twist lock, 20 amp.
Black case

19042 gam44m  Gam Chek/Twist Lock  $249.95

Gam Chek with open cable ends for 120v
Black case
19043 gam46m  Gam Chek/120v Cable  $169.95

Gam Chek with open cable ends for 230v
Black case
19044 gam46m  Gam Chek/230v Cable  $169.95

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