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Directors Viewfinders

  • Mark Vb Directors Viewfinder is the industry standard
    Mark Vb Directors Viewfinder$719.95$500.00
    Note the new designation "b"--This is the newest version of the industry standard view finder of the professionals. You may adjust the viewfinder to the aspect ratio that is appropriate for your film or video application. Available aspect ratios are: 1.33:1 standard TV, 16x9 HDTV, 1.85:1 standard 35mm ratio and 2.40:1 anamorphic wide screen, also known as Panavision or Cinemascope.

    12-1 Zoom Range. Focal lengths covered for the various film formats are: 16mm film: 8.5-100mm Super 16 film: 10.5-125mm 35mm film: 18-200mm 35 Anamorphic film: 35-420mm Video 2/3": 8.5-75mm

    There are several changes from the old Mark V viewfinder. New markings on the aspect ratio ring make it easer to read for both film and video use. However, the 1/2" video window has been replaced with the current video chip standard of 2/3". Film sizes and video formats are color-coded for quick reading.

    FAQ: John, I wish the Mark Vb had all the video markings. Is there a simple work-around for this?
    ANSWER: Yes there is. On any viewfinder that has 2/3" but not 1/3" markings, all you have to do is half the resulting number. If you're shooting with a 1/3" camera, use the 2/3" setting and just divide the resulting focal length by two. It's the same thing as having a 1/3" viewfinder.
  • Mark Vb Wide Angle Attachment
    Mark Vb Wide Angle Lens$129.95
    This wide angle attachment allows coverage as wide as 10mm for 35mm film.
    It produces a similar effect on the other film sizes and video formats as well.
    This attachment is a front mount accessory lens only. It does not include the Mark Vb viewfinder shown with it.
  • Mark Vb Belt Holster
    Mark Vb Belt Holster$39.95
    Belt holster case comes complete with belt loop and a velcro fastener cap. Black, heavy-duty, man-made material with padding.
  • Mini Directors Viewfinder
    Mini Director's Viewfinder - Alan Gordon$399.95
    Alan Gordon Viewfinder. Features 1/3", 1/2" and 2/3" Video formats.

    When you're on a tight budget and still need a professional viewfinder, this is the best choice especially if you're shooting Hi-Def Video.

    The Mini measures 2" x 3" and has an 11x zoom. It covers film formats of 16, Super 16, 35mm and 35mm anamorphic plus 1/2," 1/3" and 2/3" video. Film Fomats and Focal Lengths are: 35mm: 18 - 200mm 16mm: 8 - 100m Super 16mm: 9.5 - 120mm 35mm Anamorphic: 35- 400mm 2/3" Video: 7 - 90mm 1/2" Video: 5 - 60mm 1/3" Video: 3.5 - 45mm

    Complete with a neck strap, screw-on lens cap and drawstring pouch.
  • Micro Director Viewfinder
    Micro Director Viewfinder - Birns and Sawyer$269.95
    Birns and Sawyer: This inexpensive portable telescoping viewfinder features formats for both film & video. Aspect ratios for TV, Academy 35, Academy 16, 1.69, 1.77, 2.35 and 2.55. Zoom range at 35mm setting is 18mm - 200 mm. Front diameter is 2". 2 1/4" long when closed and 3 1/4" long when extended.

    This is a perfect viewfinder for the student or director on a tight budget. Film Formats Include: 35mm, 16mm, Super 16mm & 35mm Anamorphic. Video Formats Include: 2/3" & 1/2"