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Stagehand's Tool Vest
Lots of pockets in a good looking, lightweight  vest

We always need to carry lots of tools.   Here's a convenient way to do it while still looking sharp.  Various size pockets from large to small everywhere on the front and a large rear "fanny pack" pouch on the rear.  Epillet snaps on the shoulders.  Zipper front with draw string.  Mesh front keeps you cool.  Made from durable nylon.  This vest can't be beat.  Excellent for stagehands, photographers and everyone who needs to carry lots of stuff all the time.

#34040  Stagehand's Tool Vest  $49.95
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All Leather Work Gloves
Limited Supply
These gloves a soft, flexible cowhide with an added palm reinforcement of rough cowhide. That gives you great pulling power because rope or cable won't slip through your hands as easily as with other non-reinforced gloves.  Because they're a flexible from day one, they're great when focusing lamps and handling gel frames.  And they'll last longer too! Available in large only. 


#34060  Leather Work Gloves  (Medium or Large Only) $15.00

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Spot Glove (tm)
No more burned hands and arms.
Fingertip to elbow protection.

The Spot Glove(tm) is the solution to Followspot Operator Arm Burns.

Tired of getting burned on hot Followspots?  Tired of draping your Spotlight with makeshift blankets that someone always removes before you use the lamp again?  Tired of trying to hold the lever knobs with the very tips of your fingers?  The Spot Glove(tm) is the solution.

This Left-handed glove gives you protection from fingertips to elbow. And it's comfortable. The hand is made of flexible buckskin and the forearm is a tough cowhide. Not "clunky" like a welders glove. Backside of glove is fabric with a camo print.

I use the Spot Glove every time I run Follow Spot. I can rest my "douser arm" on the hottest 2.5K Xenon Super Trouper and never even think about getting burned.

The Spot Glove comes in SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE and EXTRA LARGE for the LEFT HAND. SMALL is for ladies.
MEDIUM is for men with smaller hands.
LARGE is standard for most men
EXTRA LARGE is for men with larger hands.

#315  Spot Glove  $19.95
Quantity: Size:

Collar Cooler
Reusable.  Keeps you cool.

Always keep your cool. Wear the Collar Cooler when you're working in the outdoor heat or up high in the theatre where it's 20 degrees hotter than the stage floor.  You'll be cool and smiling while everyone else suffers.

Just soak the Collar Cooler in cool water -- it swells up and holds the water all day.   Keep body temperature down by occasionally flipping it over to put the outside cooler surface against your neck.   It's amazing -- and it works!  Reusable over and over again.
#34050  189 Collar Cooler  $10.95



Flexform Back Support
A simple solution, but it works.  I can attest to that!  I hurt my back several years ago.  Nothing helped the pain until I found the Flexform.  Now I can be on my feet and work all day without those awful nagging backaches.  And an occasional  massage is a real treat!  The Flexform proves itself almost immediately.  You try it and you'll believe it's simply the best.

Used by industry and institutions to prevent back injuries in the workplace.  Prescribed by Doctors.  Used by thousands for basic support, pain relief and therapy.  Vibrating massager requires only 2 AA batteries. 

Flexible plastic shield performs several functions:
It projects the "normal" lumbar curve onto your back and helps posture whether standing or sitting.  It constantly supports the lumbar spine and lower back muscles particularly when lifting. 

Specify size you need in "special instructions" box during checkout. 

Sizing:  measure your waist 3" below the navel.
Small=24"-30"  Medium=30"-36  Large=36"-44" (large size sold out)
#000  Flexform Back Support  $59.95

All Stainless Steel Thermos or Mug with a Caribiner Grip
Hot or Cold...keep your drink with you on the job!

Here's a way to have your coffee and drink it too. You're on stage and ready to work. Your early morning coffee has just gotten to the temperature you like it. What's your choice? Gulp it down and get to work.

Well, here's a new, unique solution to your problem. Clip the caribiner handle to your belt and go to work. When you want a drink, just unscrew the cap and get a little satisfaction. And it's no different than hanging your tools on your belt! It doesn't get in the way. It doesn't leak. And it keeps drinks hot or cold so it's perfect for coffee and tea or those cola drinks that can keep you going on hot days.

Comes with caribiner grip. 16 oz. thermos; 12 oz. mug. Caribiner will fold flat for storage. Caribiner on both thermos and mug is silver.


#67060 Thermos with Caribiner Grip  $14.95


#67061 Mug with Caribiner Grip  $9.95


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