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Spot Dot 2000

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Here's the Spot Dot 2000 and it's carrying case.

Here the Spot Dot 2000 is mounted on a
follow spot. 

Here's what the red dot looks like.

SPOTDOT 2000(tm)Followspot Sight
Lightweight.  New Stronger Magnetic Base.
Better than a Laser.

Direct from the Manufacturer.  Spot Dots are used around the world.  I think they are the absolute bes! And now the magnetic base is more powerful than ever before.

Accurate at all distances.  Hit your mark on the stage every time without ghosting or chalk board marks.  No one will know you're using a sight -- not the audience, not the talent, not even the LD!

Aimed by a centered LED red dot in the sight. This is NOT a laser! The red dot is NOT projected beyond the sight.  Bright dot is visible under all conditions. eg. stage lights pointing up at you or in outdoor venues before dark.  See the dot, put it on the talent and open your douser.  Perfect every time.

Zero magnification means you can watch the whole stage and use the scope at the same time.

Compact. It folds up so small you can carry it to your lamp in your shirt pocket!  Lightweight -- only 5 oz.   Magnetic base conforms to round or flat surfaces.  No need  to tape this baby down!  Powered by one readily available 3v lithium button battery which provides useable power for 40 hours.  Unit does not have to be opened to replace the battery.  Comes with high impact carrying case measuring 6x4x2 inches.

The Spot Dot 2000(tm) was developed by TOOLS FOR STAGECRAFT.  I personally use it and I love it. I never do a show without it.

#17010 337 SPOT DOT 2000(tm)   $119.95

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