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Misc. Hand Tools

  • Lanyard safely attaches tools to your belt
    Belt Clip Lanyard
    Belt Clip Lanyard
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    Don't drop your wrench!

    There's nothing more embarrassing (and potentially injury causing) than dropping your wrench while you're working high. Heavy coiled plastic attaches a wrench to your belt. Attach your wrench to the lanyard and clip it to your belt. This is a very handy heavy-duty stretchable safety. The very strong 16" long coil made from .187" thick plastic easily stretches to arms length and then coils back up out of your way when not in use. It will stand up to the abuse of any stagehand work. The intended use is for a 6 or 8 inch crescent wrench.

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  • Forearm Forklift makes lifting heavy object easier by transferring the weight from your hands and biceps to your forearms
    Forearm Forklift$34.95
    Lift heavy loads easily without breaking your back. Two straps are all you need to make objects feel 50% lighter. Replaces dollies and hand trucks when their use is inconvenient or downright impossible.
  • Klein Tool used by riggers to pull steel cable without crushing it
    Klein Tool$89.95
    The Large Klein Tool is the industry standard and used by riggers to haul steel cable.

    Made by Klein, its actual name is a "Haven Grip." The large size is used for cable from 1/8" to 1/2" diameter. It also has a locking device to keep the cable from slipping out.

    The small Klein Tool is used for cable from 1/16" to 1/4" diameter. This is a non-locking cable puller.
  • Stubby finder driver helps hold long screws when using electric drill
    Stubby Finder / Driver$12.95
    When placing screws, I always use my finder/driver. It can be used on any drill/screwgun.

    It magnetically holds in place any bit you choose and it has a sleeve which slides over the screw. This is great for placing screws in hard to reach places.

    I've found another good use for the finder/driver. Use it when hanging wall sconces. It happens so often, you can't get your screwgun in between the prongs of a sconce so you can't screw the mounting plate to the wall. The additional length of the finder/driver allows you to get into those tight places.

    The finder/driver comes with two bits: one slotted, one phillips.
  • Universal chuck key fits a variety of electric drill chucks
    Universal Chuck Key$12.95$3.00
    Keep losing your chuck key? Here's a universal chuck key that fits over 86 different models.
  • Trammel Points make really a really large compass for drawing circles
    Trammel Points$39.95
    Need to draw a circle...a really BIG circle? Every good carpenter needs a set of quality trammel points. Layout and cut perfect circles and arcs every time no matter what the size.
  • stubby flexible ratcheting wrench to use alone or with gator socket
    Flexible Stubby 3/8 inch Ratchet$24.95$15.00
    Same ratchet used in the Gator Grip Kit.
  • coffin key aka roto lock
    Coffin Key - Hex 5/16 inch$24.95
    5/16" Hand held T-handle wrench for Roto-Locks. Only 6" long.
  • mini flat focus tool$10.00
  • estwing straight claw hammer
    Hammer, Estwing$32.95
    This is the hammer that's been in my tool bag for the last 25 years. My father carried an Estwing for as long as I can remember. While some may prefer a wooden handle I really like the slim, but indestructible features of the Estwing hammer.

    Steel Head and Steel Shank wrapped with genuine leather for the grip.

    16 oz. straight claw Estwing for stage work.