Beat your Phone Competition with the

Fastest telephone redialing machine in the World!

This is what the lightning-fast Power Dialer can do for you
Use the Power Dialer to get golf tee-off time and tennis court reservations.
Use the Power Dialer to win Contests.
Use the Power Dialer to get on radio talk shows..
Use the Power Dialer to get the concert tickets you want.
Use the Power Dialer to get through to computer tech support lines.
Use the Power Dialer to end wasting your time dialing busy or unanswered numbers.

The answer to your redialing blues!
The Power Dialer dials continuously until it makes a connection.
It's built-in ringer sounds and a light flashes when a connection is made.
It stores frequently dialed numbers in memory
It's built-in speaker allows for hands-free monitoring
The Power Dialer is the ONLY relentless redialing machine in the world
Dials as fast as your phone company will allow--up to 30 times per minute
Works with phone or computer.        Small, compact size = 5" x  6" x  1"

Decide for yourself if this isn't the best thing that's ever happened to redialing!

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FAQ Answers:
The Power Dialer is about the size of a standard answering machine and it hooks up to your phone in exactly the same way as you hook up your answering machine.  There are two jacks on the back of the unit.  One jack is for the wall cord and the second jack is for your phone.  The Power Dialers' speed  is dependant on your phone company's equipment, your distance from the switching center, etc.  The Power Dialer works on any analog phone (the kind you have in your house) and most all office systems. The Power Dialer works on ONE phone line.  To add power dialing to another phone line you will need a second Power Dialer.  The best results are obtained when using multiple Power Dialers because with each additional Power Dialer you add up to 30 additional possible connections each minute. Many newer houses are prewired with five phone lines.  Imagine connecting at 150 times per minute!!!

The power dialer is not a "magic bullet." It does not "magically" break into the phone line and make a connection before everyone else. (That would be illegal)
What it does is continuously redial a busy number as quickly as possible.
This increases your chances of getting through more quickly. The more Power Dialers you have, the better your odds.

The PowerDialer is currently OUT OF PRODUCTION. If you want a dialer when they are available again, email us with your request.
We will notify you when they become available again.
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