Tools for Stagecraft

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Stagewear / Swag

  • Stagehands Tool Vest has lots of pockets for keeping tools safely by your side
    Stagehand's Tool Vest$49.95
    Lots of pockets in a good looking, lightweight vest. Black.

    We always need to carry lots of tools. Here's a convenient way to carry a lot of tools. Especially useful for those semi-management types who need the tools and have to be out amongst the patrons at the same time. Various size pockets from large to small everywhere on the front and a large rear "fanny pack" pouch on the rear. Epallet snaps on the shoulders. Zipper front with draw string. Mesh front keeps you cool. Made from durable cotton. This vest can't be beat. Excellent for stagehands, photographers or everyone who needs to carry lots of stuff all the time.
  • leather work gloves
    Leather Work Gloves$15.95
    Soft, flexible cowhide with an added palm reinforcement of rough cowhide. That gives you great pulling power because rope or cable won't slip through your hands as easily as with other non-reinforced gloves. Because they're flexible from day one, they're great when focusing lamps and handling gel frames. And they'll last longer too!
  • Glove Clip snaps closed over your belt and hangs your gloves
    Glove Clip$9.95
    Keep your gloves conveniently with you at all times. Stop stuffing them in your pockets!

    Spring clamp is attached to a strong but soft nylon strap with a snap closure. The glove clip keeps your gloves at your side where they belong when not on your hands. The snap closure allows easy removal of the glove clip from your belt.
  • vibrating back support for workers on the job
  • collar cooler
    Collar Cooler$12.95
    Keeps you cool and it's reuseable too!

    Always keep your cool. Wear the Collar Cooler when you're working in the outdoor heat or up high in the theatre where it's 20 degrees hotter than the stage floor. You'll be cool and smiling while everyone else suffers.

    Soak the Collar Cooler in cool water. It swells up and holds the water all day. Keep body temperature down by occasionally flipping it over to put the outside cooler surface against your neck. It's amazing -- and it works!