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Fall Arrest, Harnesses & Lanyards

  • Petzl Avao full body fall arrest harness
    Petzl AVAO$479.95
  • full body one piece fall arrest harnest includes 6 foot soft stop lanyard
  • UltraSafe Standard Lanyard
  • Miller Back-Biter manyard allows you to tie off to beams, etc. where there is no tie-off point
  • UltraSafe Double Y Lanyard with large hooks
    UltraSafe Double "Y" Lanyard with large hooks$159.95
    Same as the Double “Y” Lanyard w/ small hooks except it has two 2˝” wide-opening gate hooks which fit over stage pipe, truss members or scaffolding. This is my favorite lanyard style because you can never get into a situation where your lanyard isn’t useable. Steel hooks, 5’ legs
  • UltraSafe Double Y Lanyard with small hooks
    Ultra-Safe Double "Y" Lanyard with small hooks$109.95
    Provides the extra safety of always being attached to a safe point. Extra safety when moving from point to point. Clip one of the lanyards to your new position before unclipping from the old. Similar to the standard lanyard except it has two legs with stitched shock absorbers and single hook to attach to your back. Steel hooks, 5' legs.
  • UltraSafe Retractable Life Line
    UltraSafe Retractable Life Line
    Protection while climbing the rope ladder. The retractable steel cable attaches to the rear “D” ring of your harness and retracts as you climb up the ladder. In the event of an accident, a braking device stops your fall and slowly lowers you to the ground.

    3/16" cable / 10' long (USHN10) $250
    3/16" cable / 20' long (USHN20) $500
    3/16" cable / 30' long (USHN30) $600
    3/16" cable / 60' long (USHN60) $900
    3/16" cable / 80' long     (USH80) $1100
    3/16" cable / 100' long (USH100) $1300
    3/16" cable / 150' long (USH150) $1700

    Additional shipping charges will be required on vertical life lines.
  • Surety Horizontal Life Line
    Surety Horizontal Life Line$695.00
    Mounts above trusses, etc.
    Kit includes 5/8” x 60’ horizontal line, synthetic energy absorber, line tensioner/adjuster, 2 steel cable anchorage slings, 2 auto locking caribiners, 2 lanyard attachment ring Fireman’s Hooks and storage bag.
  • Petzl Stop
    Petzl Stop$189.95
  • Petzl Descender