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Xenon Flashlights

  • Streamlight Strion flashlight
    Streamlight Strion flashlight$109.95
    The worlds brightest, ultra compact RECHARGEABLE flashlight.

    Strion's exclusive lithium ion battery technology packs 12,000 candlepower (80 lumens) into a 5.3 inch package. That makes it not even a inch longer than the Scorpion!Momentary push button or twist-on constant switch on tailcap. And get this, like the Scorpion, they give you a spare bulb in tailcap. Focus is adjustable from spot to flood. Knurled grip body. Recharges to full in just 2 1/2 hours. Runs up to 70 continuous minutes.
  • Streamlight Stinger flashlight
    Streamlight Stinger flashlight$139.95
    Fast 1 hr. recharge. 15,000 candlepower.

    The Streamlight Stinger is only 7.4" long and is very bright. Machined aluminum case, O-ring sealed. Two wall chargers included.
  • Streamlight Scorpion flashlight
    Streamlight Scorpion flashlight $79.95
    Same power as a 5 D-cell Maglite!

    The Scorpion flashlight is small and very bright. Only 5" long, and 1" in diameter. It's so bright you can see into the grid from the stage floor!

    The Scorpion features a focusable reflector and rubberized casing on its machined aluminum body. That's a handy feature when you need to hold it between your teeth. It's powered by two 3v lithium batteries (included). An extra Xenon bulb (also included) is stored in the reflector housing. The push button on/off switch is on the tail hidden under the rubberized casing.

    Suggested pouches for the Scorpion flashlight are the CO198, CO44 or CO30.

    FAQ: John, I know that these lights are really bright, but I was wondering how long do they last?
    ANSWER: Some people who haven't seen these lights before think they are just a fatter version of a Maglite. Not so. These extremely bright flashlights and get their punch from the combination of a Xenon bulb and Lithium batteries. Obviously, this much candlepower draws a lot of juice. The Lithium batteries while having an extremely long shelf life of 10 years, power the flashlight for about an hour. The light will maintain maximum brightness for the entire time and then drop off to nothing during about the last three minutes. The Xenon bulbs are rated at four hours each. In actual use on stage, I've found that I replace the batteries in my flashlight about every three months. You just have to learn that this is not the type of light that you lay down on the floor and let it burn.

    Also available in LED version
  • Replacement bulb for Scorpion flashlight
    Replacement bulb for Xenon Scorpion flashlight $8.95
    Replacement bulb for Scorpion flashlight
  • Replacement bulb for Stinger Flashlight