Tools for Stagecraft

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  • complete general information handbook for backstage use
    Backstage Handbook$29.95
    "Written by Paul Carter. 3rd edition. 309 pages.

    Every Stage Technician's Bible. This is the industry standard ""book of knowledge."" It's packed with all the technical information you need on stage. Hundreds of illustrations, tables and charts. THIS IS A ""MUST HAVE"" BOOK. Whether you are a new hire or ""old-timer,"" this book has the information you need. It covers tools, hardware, materials, electric, shop math, architecture, and more. Visuals cover everything from stock sizes and specs of wood screws, safe rope working loads, 22 types of standard lamp bases, and so much more. This should be the first book in any technician's library."
  • Gaffers Grips and Best Boys
    Gaffers, Grips and Best Boys$39.95
    by Eric Taub, 276 pgs. Small pocket format.

    Explains the movie business from behind the scenes. An interesting narrative with interviews from the crew to the top. All the jobs that interact to make a motion picture are covered in this candid, revealing book.
  • Guide to Knots shows in color the way to tie the knots you need on stage and more
    Guide to Knots$15.95$10.00
    By Mario Bigon and Guido Regazzoni 255 pgs, Softcover.

    This is the knot tying book I've been looking for. Learn how to tie any knot used onstage and for yachting. Finally I've found a book with full color photos and instructions that are easy to follow. Each strand of rope is a different color. This is definitely the best book I've ever found to teach anyone how to tie knots.
  • Handyman in your Pocket
    Handyman in your Pocket$14.95$8.00
    The perfect reference for handymen, maintenance people, engineers, scientists, industrial workers, contractors, and builders and of course, stagehands. It contains 768 pages of facts, tables, and vital information.
  • Theatre Backstage A to Z
    Theatre Backstage A to Z$54.95
    Written by Warren Lounsbury and Norman Boulanger. 213 pages. (1991)

    One of two terrific A to Z books.
    An encyclopedia of terms from theatre slang to high technology. Hundreds of diagrams, photos, drawings and charts explain everything from stage braces and trammel points to projectors and a pool with a crosslight and a wash.

    Very informative.
  • Stagecraft I shows how to build theatrical scenery
    Stagecraft I$29.95
    By William H. Lord 134 pgs, 1991 Oversize, Softcover.

    This book is subtitled 'A complete Guide to Backstage Work.' It's an introductory book covering all the fundamentals of a stagehands iob. The what, when and why of all backstage equipment and how to use it. Originally intended as a high school text, it has been used successfully by several IA locals for their new hires.