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  • Streamlight Scorpion flashlight
    Streamlight Scorpion flashlight $49.95
    Same power as a 5 D-cell Maglite!

    The Scorpion flashlight is small and very bright. Only 5" long, and 1" in diameter. It's so bright you can see into the grid from the stage floor!

    The Scorpion features a focusable reflector and rubberized casing on its machined aluminum body. That's a handy feature when you need to hold it between your teeth. It's powered by two 3v lithium batteries (included). An extra Xenon bulb (also included) is stored in the reflector housing. The push button on/off switch is on the tail hidden under the rubberized casing.

    Suggested pouches for the Scorpion flashlight are the CO198, CO44 or CO30.

    FAQ: John, I know that these lights are really bright, but I was wondering how long do they last?
    ANSWER: Some people who haven't seen these lights before think they are just a fatter version of a Maglite. Not so. These extremely bright flashlights and get their punch from the combination of a Xenon bulb and Lithium batteries. Obviously, this much candlepower draws a lot of juice. The Lithium batteries while having an extremely long shelf life of 10 years, power the flashlight for about an hour. The light will maintain maximum brightness for the entire time and then drop off to nothing during about the last three minutes. The Xenon bulbs are rated at four hours each. In actual use on stage, I've found that I replace the batteries in my flashlight about every three months. You just have to learn that this is not the type of light that you lay down on the floor and let it burn.

    Also available in LED version
  • Replacement bulb for Scorpion flashlight
    Replacement bulb for Xenon Scorpion flashlight $8.95
    Replacement bulb for Scorpion flashlight
  • Streamlight Stinger flashlight
    Streamlight Stinger flashlight$139.95
    Fast 1 hr. recharge. 15,000 candlepower.

    The Streamlight Stinger is only 7.4" long and is very bright. Machined aluminum case, O-ring sealed. Two wall chargers included.
  • Replacement bulb for Stinger Flashlight
  • Streamlight Strion flashlight
    Streamlight Strion flashlight$109.95
    The worlds brightest, ultra compact RECHARGEABLE flashlight.

    Strion's exclusive lithium ion battery technology packs 12,000 candlepower (80 lumens) into a 5.3 inch package. That makes it not even a ˝ inch longer than the Scorpion!Momentary push button or twist-on constant switch on tailcap. And get this, like the Scorpion, they give you a spare bulb in tailcap. Focus is adjustable from spot to flood. Knurled grip body. Recharges to full in just 2 1/2 hours. Runs up to 70 continuous minutes.
  • Streamlight Twintask flashlight
    Streamlight Twintask flashlight$39.95
    Combines Xenon and LED into one flashlight!

    If you were able to combine a Scorpion Xenon flashlight with an Inova Five LED flashlight what you'd get is the Streamlight Twintask. For those of you who want both but don't want to carry two lights, here's your solution. The Twintask has three LEDs, comes only in white light and has a wider spread than the Five LED flashlight. So what you get is a good LED flashlight and a xenon flashlight that's just as bright as a Scorpion but lacks the focusing feature.

    This flashlight comes in two using two lithium 123A batteries (6 volts) and the other using just one battery (3 volts).

    The 2 cell version runs for 28 hours on LED and 2.5 hours on Xenon. Length = 5 1/2 inches. The 1 cell version runs for 9.5 hours on LED and 1.5 hours on Xenon. Length = 4 inches.

    FAQ: John,What's your recommendation on LED/Xenon combination flashlights?
    ANSWER: It depends on what you're going to use it for and how much you're going to use it. Obviously, any tool that combines functions of more than one tool is probably going to make some sacrifices. Same with these flashlights. The Twintask using the Xenon bulb isn't as clean a light as say a Scorpion and on LED power it's not as good as bright as the Five LED flashlight. But that doesn't mean it's not a good flashlight, it just means that in order to provide both functions they had to make compormises. My suggestion is if you want the best or if your career depends on your flashlight, get one or both of the single function lights. On the other hand, if cost is most important or you don't mind not having the best of either, then a cobination flashlight will do you just fine.
  • Streamlight Trident headlight
    Streamlight Trident headlight$32.95
    Dual Use--Long life LEDs or High Power Krypton Bulb.

    With it's extended burn time, the Trident headlamp is perfect for a wide variety of situations. Designed for extended burn time of 150 hours.

    Here's what I like about this headlight. It's got three LEDs and a krypton bulb all in the same reflector. With just the push of the top mounted button, you can click between three different light intensities: Medium and Low LED power and High Krypton power.
  • Streamlight Sceptor headlight
    Streamlight Sceptor headlight$44.95
    Just like the Trident, but uses 7 long-life LEDs. Three settings: High, Medium and Low. Weighs 5 oz. Powered by 3 AAA batteries. 120 hour run-time. 90 degree tilting head.
  • Streamlight Argo headlight
    Streamlight Argo headlight$49.95
    One watt Luxeon LED with three intensities: High, Medium and Low. This is the brightest of all the headlights. Backside of the light has three small LEDs indicating remaining battery life.

    Three digitally controlled brightness levels and a “blink” (flashing) mode. It's electronically regulated output maintains a consistent level of light output. It also has "remaining battery power" indicator.

    Excellent run time: 20+ hours on Low or almost 5 hours at maximum brightness on high followed by 3.5 more hours of declining useable light. Powered by 3 AAA batteries. Tilt head. Light weight (4.7 oz).
  • Streamlight Key Light flashlight
    Streamlight Key Light flashlight$19.95
    Here's a really cool keychain light like a miniature Scorpion flashlight no longer than your car key! You see it here on my very own keyring. It's machined aluminum with a white LED bulb. It's got this cool pocket clip that you could even clip to the bill of your cap, etc. There's a short swivel chain to prevent tangling and a spring clip to attach it to your keyring. All aluminum body -- not plastic like so many others. Twist ON switch like a AA Maglite. This is one really cool pocketable light.
  • Streamlight Stylus Sharp Spot
    Streamlight Stylus Sharp Spot$9.95
    This add-on accessory for the Stylus PencilLight both magnifies and projects the light into a tight focused circle. Instead of the wide beam of the Stylus' LED, you get a pronounced, non-glare beam of light.
    Flashlight not included.
  • LED PencilLight
    Streamlight Stylus LED PencilLight$19.95
    LED PencilLight ~ stylus 3 Super bright. Pencil Thin.
    Sleek and distinctive.
    Fits in your shirt pocket.
    Powered by 3 AAAA batteries.
    Comes with red, white or blue LED.
  • Petzl Zipka Plus Headlight
    Petzl Zipka Plus Headlight$49.95
    Smallest headlight available. You can comfortably carry it in your pants pocket because the headband is a unique retractable nylon cord.

    The whole Zipka is actually smaller than the headlight only portion of the Trident. Three LEDs give you a choice of brightness settings.

    If compact size and outstanding light output are your thing, then the Petzl Zipka Plus is for you.

    Domestic mail is not available for this product.
  • Petzl Tikka Plus Headlight
    Petzl Tikka Plus Headlight
    Petzl Tikka Plus Headlight
    Average rating:
    Basically the same headlight as the Zipka, but has an additional LED for a total of four. A wide elastic band instead of the retractable cord. Particularly good for use on hard hats.

    Domestic mail is not available for this product.
  • Photon II Microlight. LED key chain light.
    Photon II Microlight$17.95
    Bright LEDs ... perfect for your keychain.

    Not only does it have the standard squeeze button but it's got an On/Off switch for continuous use too! It's available in 8 different beam colors: white, red, blue, yellow, green, orange, turquoise and infrared...a different color for your every mood or use. The replaceable CR2032 Lithium battery will power the red, orange, & yellow Photon II MicroLights for 120 hours and the superbright green, turquoise, blue, & white for 12-14 hours.

    A terrific gift idea. Lifetime guarantee.
  • Inova T3 Flashlight
    Inova T3 Flashlight$74.95
    This 3 Watt Luxeon LED Flashlight is every bit as bright as the competition's 5 watt flashlights.

    As bright as competition's 5 watt flashlights 6.25" long, 3.2 watts, 85 lumen output. Power regulating circuitry provides up to 2 hour constant, non-dimming output per battery set. Up to 250 foot effective range. End switch with momentary on, constant on/off . Lockout mode - twist switch cap. Water resistant. Powered by two lithium batteries with a shelf life of 10 years, included.
  • Inova T1 Flashlight
    Inova T1 Flashlight$64.95
    One watt Luxeon Flashlight.

    Here's an LED light not much bigger than the Five LED flashlight. 35 Lumens. Power regulating circuitry provides up to 1.5 hour constant, non dimming output per battery set. Up to 150 foot effective range. End switch with momentary on, constant on/off . Lockout mode - twist switch cap. Water resistant. 4.59" length x 0.98" diameter. Powered by one Lithium 123A battery with a shelf life of 10 years. included. Annodized black with white LED.
  • Inova Five LED Flashlight
    Inova Five LED Flashlight$49.95
    Powered by two lithium 123A batteries with a shelf life of 10 years (Red LED version is powered by only one battery). 20 hours burn time. Stainless steel head with recessed LED lamps. 13/16" diameter x 4" long

    Note from John:
    If you want to see into the grid of any theatre, your minimum choice should be a Streamlight Scorpion.
  • AA Maglite with multiple two-tone colored barrel
    AA Maglite Flashlight Two-Tone $15.95
    The Two-Tone AA Maglite combines two of the "coolest" aluminum colors offered by Maglite. The light output is white. Just like the four-tone Maglite (shown) with two less colors.
  • AA Maglite with multiple four-tone colored barrel
    AA Maglite Flashlight Four-Tone $22.95
    Be a Trend-Setter! Be the first on your block to get a Four-Tone AA Maglite.
    The Four-Tone AA Maglite combines four of the "coolest" aluminum colors offered by Maglite. The light output is white.
  • attachement for AA maglite allows user to hold comfortably in teeth
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  • AAA Maglite
    AAA Maglite Flashlight Black$12.95
    AAA Maglite Black. Same features as the AA Maglite...just smaller. Focusable beam. Powered by two AAA batteries. Shirt pocket-clip included.

    Lifetime warranty by manufacturer.
  • D Maglite Flashlight Black$17.95
    D Maglite Black. Focusable beam. Powered by three D batteries.

    Lifetime warranty by manufacturer.
  • AA Maglite
    AA Maglite Flashlight$12.95
    AA Maglite, choice of colors. Focusable beam. Powered by two AA batteries.

    Lifetime warranty by manufacturer.