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Laser Distance Finders

  • 100leicadistoA3-2pics.jpg
    Leica Disto A3 Laser Tape Measure$299.95
    Measure with confidence to 325'. Accurate to 1/8" at 325'. Smallest of the new Leica laser line. Measures in feet or metric. Auto shutoff. Illuminated display. Spirit level.
  • 100distoA5a
    Leica Disto A5 Laser Tape Measure$449.95
    Measure with confidence from 1' to 650'. Accurate to 3/32" at 650'. The laser locks on the target first time, every time and gives you an exact measurement. It really measures the laser beam with exact and trace modes. It's not a sonic-type device which have short ranges and are seldom accurate.

    You can even point the beam between obstructions and still get the accurate measurement you need. Small size is 8.5" x 3.5" x 2.5".

    It automatically adds, subracts, calculates area and volume, triangulates and stores up to 1000 measurements. Measures in feet or metric. Auto Shut-off. Illuminated display. Spirit level. Tripod mount. Integrated 2X viewfinder. Excellent for outdoor use.

    This is Leica's newest version. The A5 replaces the old Disto Lite.