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Flashlight Accessories

  • Replacement bulb for Scorpion flashlight
    Replacement bulb for Xenon Scorpion flashlight $8.95
    Replacement bulb for Scorpion flashlight
  • CR123a lithium battery
    CR123A Battery - Lithium$4.95
    These are the batteries that power the super bright Xenon bulb flashlights like the Surefires and Scorpions. It also powers the 5 LED flashlights. Lithium batteries have a shelf life of 10 years. You can put a flashlight away and know that when you need it the batteries will have a full charge.

    You can purchase the batteries either as singles or save money by getting either the 10 pack or save even more with the 20 pack. If Sanyo is out of stock, we will substitute with an equal or better battery.

    Note that these batteries cannot be shipped by any method other than GROUND per government hazmat regulations.
  • attachement for AA maglite allows user to hold comfortably in teeth
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  • Replacement bulb for Stinger Flashlight
  • Lithium 2032 Coin Cell Battery
    Lithium 2032 Coin Cell Battery$4.00
    Provides power for your Spot Dot 3.0.

    It's always a good idea to have a some extra batteries in your tool bag! 10 year shelf life. Purchase them one at a time or save money with the 10 pack.

    These batteries can only be shipped by UPS GROUND per government hazmat regulations, therefore only available to continental USA.
  • ProCell Batteries A AA AAA C D and 9v
    ProCell Battery$10.95
    Choose from 9v, AAA, AA, C, or D cell batteries