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  • PLS3 Three Beam Laser - projects beam up, down and forward
    PLS3 Three Beam Laser$399.95
    Laser beam is split in three directions -- up, down and forward. Very bright beams. Self-leveling.
  • PLS2 Line Layout Laser projects lines instead of dots
    PLS2 Line Layout Laser$319.95
    PLS-2 spreads a line of laser light across the wall either vertically or horizontally. With the single push of a button you can use the self-leveling horizontal line or a vertical line or both at the same time. Press the button again and you can lock the beams if you need a line set at an angle. Accurate to 1/8" in 30 feet. It's very versatile and small too. Self-leveling.
  • Self leveling PLS5 Five Beam Laser - projects laser beam up, down, left, right and forward
    PLS-5 Five Beam Laser$599.95
    Laser beam is split in five directions -- up, down, forward, left and right. Accurately plumbs and squares with laser precision. Self-leveling.
  • 1800 yard green Laser Pointer
    Laser Pointer - 1800 yards - green$139.95
    Brightest laser pointer we offer. You can see this dot even in the brightest sunlight and yes, it's visibility range really is 1800 yards or One Mile.

    Black barrel, pen size, laser pointer comes in it's own metal gift box. Powered by two AAA batteries. It's wavelength is 532 nm. Who wouldn't be thrilled with this laser?

    This is the brand chosen by the military so you know it's the best.
  • 100leicadistoA3-2pics.jpg
    Leica Disto A3 Laser Tape Measure$299.95
    Measure with confidence to 325'. Accurate to 1/8" at 325'. Smallest of the new Leica laser line. Measures in feet or metric. Auto shutoff. Illuminated display. Spirit level.
  • 1500 yard red Laser Pointer
    Laser Pointer - 1500 yard - red$89.95$55.00
    Super bright red laser pointer.

    Projects up to 1500 yards! Lighting Directors point out lamp placement; Art Directors point out scenic elements; Soundmen aim their speakers, Carpenters lay out electronic "chalk lines;" Heads of Department can point out spike marks on the stage floor for the next move during a performance without the audience noticing.

    Avoids confusion. When you point something out with a laser, everyone knows exactly what you mean. It's sleek, pencil-thin design is powered by 2 AAA batteries. Turns on with a simple press of the button.

    2year warranty by manufacturer.
  • 150 yard red Laser Pointer
    Laser Pointer - 150 yard - red$29.95$20.00
    An economy priced laser that really delivers. It's powered by 2 AAA batteries.
    Two year warranty by manufacturer.
  • 100distoA5a
    Leica Disto A5 Laser Tape Measure$449.95
    Measure with confidence from 1' to 650'. Accurate to 3/32" at 650'. The laser locks on the target first time, every time and gives you an exact measurement. It really measures the laser beam with exact and trace modes. It's not a sonic-type device which have short ranges and are seldom accurate.

    You can even point the beam between obstructions and still get the accurate measurement you need. Small size is 8.5" x 3.5" x 2.5".

    It automatically adds, subracts, calculates area and volume, triangulates and stores up to 1000 measurements. Measures in feet or metric. Auto Shut-off. Illuminated display. Spirit level. Tripod mount. Integrated 2X viewfinder. Excellent for outdoor use.

    This is Leica's newest version. The A5 replaces the old Disto Lite.