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  • Strip Light Template
    Strip Lighting Template$29.95
    The industry standard template for drawing strip lights on your print. Choose 1/4" scale or 1/2" scale.
  • Stage Light Templates
    Stage Lighting Template
    Stage Lighting Template
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    The industry standard template for drawing every theatrical lamp on your print. Choose 1/4" scale or 1/2" scale.
  • Spectra Pro IVA Light Meter
    Spectra Pro IV-A Light Meter$449.95
    The digital Spectra professional IV meter was introduced in May 1992 at the American Society Of Cinematographers Club House. It measures Foot-candles, Lux and F/stops - the key unit of measurement used in Cinematography and Television applications.

    The Spectra Professional IV-A measures incident and reflected light directly in -stops, footcandles or lux and instantly calculates the f/stop difference, contrast ratio and average of your particular lighting situation. The multiple channel memory enables you to recall the stored measurement, current measurement, f/stop difference, contrast ratio and average. The meter covers a sensitivity range of almost one-million to one.

    This makes the hand-held incident meter a kind of insurance policy that eliminates second-guessing and gambling with exposure control, especially under the more difficult and extraordinary light conditions that are apt to confront the serious photographer.

    The Spectra Professional IV-A has a Digital f-stop measuring range that extends from f/0.24 to f/128 in 1/10-stop increments and the Analog Bargraph range from f/0.7 to f/45 in 1/3-stop increments. Both are displayed simultaneously on a backlit liquid crystal display, along with film-speed, frames per second for cine use or exposure time for still photography.

  • Inline Dimmer
    Inline Dimmer
    Insert this dimmer on any line up to 1000 watts to adjust brightness on special lamps.
    Edison U-Ground plugs.
  • special ruler measures the stage from the center line out
    Center Stage Rules$19.95$14.95
    Throw out your architects scale, you don't need it anymore.

    This new and unique quarter inch scale rule makes taking measurements on light plots and stage prints simple and fast. Just place the center "0" on the stage center line and measure in both directions up to 35 feet in either direction without repositioning the ruler. Several extra quarter inch scales let you make measurements up to 70 feet total. And you can see everything on your print while working because the rule is made of a clear plastic. It also has a regular 18 inch ruler.