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LED Stage Markers

  • LED Stage Markers attach to 9v batteries for best use as center markers for dancers
    LED Stage Markers
    LED Stage Markers
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    Clips to a nine volt battery. Comes in Red, Green and Amber. Choose either steady or blinking.

    Steady marker is great for downstage center and quarter mark while blinking markers are for obstruction/danger areas. eg. Light booms, etc.

    Excellent for dancers. No more glow tape! Battery life = 125 hours.
  • LED daisy-chainable theater stage markers
    Advanced LED Stage Markers$99.95
    Variable intensity, interconnectivity and master control of all make these the "top of the line" markers.

    The new advanced stage marker will save you lots of time and trouble. Each unit comes with three interchangeable LEDs: red, green, and orange. Optional blue LEDs are also available. With only one unit, you can have any color you like--just change the LED!

    They are individually dimmable or can be controlled by a master control when linked together by standard telephone line but you are responsible for building your own controller. If you're up to it, ask us for pinout instructions.

    Each stage marker is powered by its own 9 volt battery. They are about the size of an old fashioned Motorola pager so you can see they aren't very big.
  • LEDs for the Advanced Stage Marker$7.00
    Extra LEDs for the Advanced Stage Marker
  • Quarter Marker is an LED stage marker the size of a quarter and comes either red-green or red-yellow
    Quarter Markers$12.95
    Last one.
    Reversible steady colors: Red/Green or Red/Yellow.

    Looking for a really small LED marker? Try the Quarter Marker. About the size of a quarter, they are very thin and virtually unnoticeable.
    Quarter Markers also change color. With the included CR2032 lithium coin cell battery's (+) positive side facing UP, the Quarter Marker will light up red. When you flip the battery over (change the polarity), the LED changes to green! Also available in red-to-yellow.) It's like having two beacons for the price of one. #21016-RG Quarter Marker Red/Green $9.95 (all gone) Quantity: #21016-RY Quarter Marker Red/Yellow $9.95 (last one)