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Followspot Accessories

  • Spot Dot 3.0 magnet upgrade
  • Spot Dot 3.0 Standoff kit
  • Spot Dot Leash protects your spotdot 2000 from falling
    Spot Dot 2000 Leash$9.95
    The Spot Dot 2000 Leash. It's a ring that goes around the armature of your Spot Dot 2000(tm) followspot sight and attaches to a lightweight chain which in turn attaches to an angled steel plate. The plate is 2" long to accomodate a full width of gaffers tape firmly attach the whole mechanism to the followspot itself. That way, should an accident occur, your Spot Dot 2000 won't land on the floor or worse yet in the audience.
  • Lithium 2032 Coin Cell Battery
    Lithium 2032 Coin Cell Battery$4.00
    Provides power for your Spot Dot 3.0.

    It's always a good idea to have a some extra batteries in your tool bag! 10 year shelf life. Purchase them one at a time or save money with the 10 pack.

    These batteries can only be shipped by UPS GROUND per government hazmat regulations, therefore only available to continental USA.