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Loops, Spansets & Daisy Chains

  • Spectra Loops
    Spectra Loops
    Spectra Loops
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    Strong and handy loops are rated at 5000 lbs. They come in 12" 24" 36" and 48" lengths.

    One of its most common uses for the 11" loop is for hanging your split side pulley to a pipe. Choke the loop over the pipe and attach your caribiner. Then attach your pulley to the caribiner.

    Another method of attaching the caribiner to a stage pipe is by using the fireman's hook.
    12" $6.95
    24" $12.95
    36" $21.95
    48" $29.95
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  • Spectra Daisy Chain
    Spectra Daisy Chain$35.95
    Often used as an adjustable loop for personal horizontal tie-offs to pipes, trusses, ladders, etc. to secure you at a particular distance from your work while working high. Rated at 3500 lbs.

    This is an aid in positioning only. Not to be used for fall protection. For fall arrest, use a shock absorbing manyard. Color provided is black with a white tracer.
  • 3, 6, and 9 foot Span Sets for rigging
    Span Sets
    All Black. Rated at 25,000 lbs.
    3' $14.95
    6' $19.95
    9' $29.95
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  • 5/8 inch shackles are necessary for theatrical rigging
    Shackles 5/8 inch$12.95
  • pear ring for rigging
    Pear Ring 5/8"$12.95