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Strippers & Cutters

  • Thomas and Betts Stripper and Crimper
    Thomas and Betts Stripper/Crimper$59.95
    It's a stripper. It's a bolt cutter. It's a crimper.
    Simply the best tool of its kind.

    My favorite feature on this superb tool is the wire cutter at the tip of the tool where it belongs. Allows you to work in tight places. Crimps insulated and non-insulated Sta-Kons. Cuts threaded bolts cleanly and easily. Wire strippers for various gauge wire. Locks in closed position for storage. Truely the best.
  • Rotary Gel Cutter Blade
    Rotary Gel Cutter Blade$8.95
  • Rotary Gel Cutter
    Rotary Gel Cutter$29.95
    Razor sharp. Holds an edge much longer than ordinary blades because it's round.

    The Fiskars Rotary Gel Cutter has a sharp circular razor-edged blade that's really smooth when cutting gel, tape, cloth, paper, etc. Just roll the cutter across your gel for a fast accurate cut.

    Comforable loop grip allows you to handle the gel and cut it without putting down the tool. Blade can be mounted on either side of the tool for "lefties" or "righties" and it stays sharp longer than the conventional mat knife because the round blade give yur 5 1/2" of actual cutting surface instead of cutting on exactly the same spot as you do with a mat knife. Standard size hub allows you to use any brand of replacement blade. Rotary Gel Cutter comes with one blade. Spare blades are also available. Lifetime warranty by manufacturer.
  • self healing cutting mat perfect base for cutting theatrical gel
    Self-Healing Cutting Mat$69.95
    Self healing. 24" x 36"
    Marker lines are spaced 1" apart in both directions.

    Use this mat with your rotary gel cutter and extend blade life. It makes cutting easier because the surface never gouges or nicks like tabletop surfaces do.

    "Self-healing" means that when you make a cut and you look for that cut in the mat, it won't be there. Over and over again, the surface stays like new--no chips, no gouges, no slices. It's the perfect gel cutting surface.
  • circular wire strips and slits cable up to 4/0 size
    Circular Wire Stripper$59.95
    Stripping rubber-jacketed cable has never been easy, until now.

    Strip any size cable up to 4/0 with ease. Pull out the spring-loaded angled keeper and release it into place around the cable. Spin the stripper around the cable until it's cut to the depth you've set. Then just push the lever to turn the blade 90 degrees and pull the stripper off the cable. Voila! The insulation is cut all the way from the circular cut lengthwise to the end of the cable. Never use dangerous razor blades again.
  • curved head wire cutters excellent nail pullers
    Channellock 447 Dikes$24.95
    Unique curved jaw increases your leverage.

    The Channellock 447 curved jaw diagonal cutters are terrific especially when it comes to pulling nails. Increased leverage helps you get out nails driven into corners and other hard to access places. Got yourself in a tight situation? Use your Channellock 447.

  • Klein Ratcheting Cable Cutter
    Klein Ratcheting Cable Cutter$299.95
    Cuts electrical cable up to 4/0 in size with one hand.

    Cutting 4/0 electrical cable cleanly is no easy job. Unless of course you're using the Klein Ratcheting Cable Cutter!

    Make simple work of cutting or stipping electrical cable up to 1 1/4" thick. Cut through 4/0 with ONE HAND.

    The ratcheting cutter closes like a pair of handcuffs. It tightens and cuts through the thickest cable as you ratchet it closed with one hand. And here's another great feature: you can stop at any point and remove the cable--that means you can strip cable with this cutter too!

    Every head electrician should have one.