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Stagehand Tool Belt

  • Stagehand Tool Belt specially designed for working on stage
    Stagehand Tool Belt
    Stagehand Tool Belt
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    Here's the tool belt everyone wants. It was designed by a stagehand with the stagehand's needs in mind. Its' special construction makes it far better than any common variety webbed tool belt you may have used in the past.

    Made of lightweight ballistic nylon, it's really TWO belts in one--a 1" belt and a 2" belt! Attach any combination of pouches you want. Customize it exactly the way you like it.

    Here's the purpose of the 1" belt: some tools like Leatherman or Super Leathermans cases won't fit on a standard 2" tool belt, but with the outer 1" belt, you can carry those tools in their original cases. Another good use is that you can hang heavy tool pouches on the 1" belt and the 2" belt won't roll up like on other belts. That feature makes it a really comfortable tool belt to wear.

    It incorporates hammer loops to carry your hammer on either side (for lefties or righties), or to carry two hammers (eg. a regular hammer and a tack hammer for you carpet layers). The perfectly positioned hammer loops mean the hammer won't be banging you in the knees while walking. Also on the outer belt, there are two D rings--one on each side where you can clip caribiners, wrench lanyards or whatever you like.

    The two inch belt has two hammer loops built right into it -- one on either side for lefties or righties or if you're carrying a regular hammer and a tack hammer. You're all set with the Stagehand's tool belt. The hammer loops are perfectly positioned just behind center -- no more hammer handles banging you in the knees. The hammer loops are made of a filled nylon tubing for stability and to make putting your hammer in the loops quick and easy. The buckle is a tough quick release Zytel.

    All that's left to make this YOUR perfect tool belt is to add your favorite pouches. You'll carry all the tools you need without any excess baggage. The pouches can be changed back and forth to complete your tool belt for whatever job you're doing.

    Now you know why I consider this to be the Perfect Stagehand's Tool belt.
    Made in the USA. Black only. Small size no longer available.