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  • 5/8 inch shackles are necessary for theatrical rigging
    Shackles 5/8 inch$16.95
  • Pocket Pickle is a miniaturized replacement for the large pickle used to controlling stage rigging motors
    Pocket Pickle$129.95
    Finally "who's got the pickle?" may never be heard again. Only slightly larger than a twistlock plug, the Pocket Pickle can be carried on your belt with the included carabiner. Anyone who has the responsibility of operating chain motors should have their own Pocket Pickle.

    4 pin 20 amp (Hubbel 2411). Please be sure that your motors are compatible with this 4 pin configuration. 3 pin version has been discontinued.
  • pear ring for rigging
    Pear Ring 5/8"$19.95
  • coffin key aka roto lock
    Coffin Key - Hex 5/16 inch$24.95
    5/16" Hand held T-handle wrench for Roto-Locks. Only 6" long.
  • carpenter circle square
    Carpenters Circle Square$49.95
    Carpenters square with circle center finder and protractor.
  • Trammel Points make really a really large compass for drawing circles
    Trammel Points$39.95
    Need to draw a circle...a really BIG circle? Every good carpenter needs a set of quality trammel points. Layout and cut perfect circles and arcs every time no matter what the size.
  • Universal chuck key fits a variety of electric drill chucks
    Universal Chuck Key$12.95$3.00
    Keep losing your chuck key? Here's a universal chuck key that fits over 86 different models.
  • lightsource mega-swivel coupler$65.00
  • lightsource & spanset shipping$300.00