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Screwdrivers & Accessories

  • 4in1 screwdriver
    4in1 Screwdriver$15.95
    Two slotted and two phillips bits stay neatly housed in the removeable shaft. Non-magnetic bits can be magnetized or de-magnetized with the MAGNET BLOCK.
  • Magic Precision Screwdriver has lots of interchangeable driver bits
    Magic Precision Screwdriver$14.95$8.00
    Includes: #00 Phillips x 2mm slotted, #0 Phillips x 3mmorx slotted, #1 Phillips x 3.5mm slotted, T5 Torx x T6 Torx x T8 Torx, T10 x T15 Torxbits store in the handle. Includes bit magnetizer/demagnetizer in cap. Cap also serves as a stubby screwdriver. All the precision screwdrivers you will need.
  • Switchblade Screwdriver
    Switchblade Screwdriver
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    average rating 90%
    Imagine whipping out your new, trusty high-tech screwdriver and with a push of a button the blade flips out of the handle to a full upright position ready to use! That's what happens when you use the new switchblade screwdriver.

    Not only does this solid, well-built tool have a unique way of opening, but it neatly carries five gold colored screwdriver tips in the handle. The sixth bit stays attached to the magnetic shaft when closed. To change bits, remove the bit from the shaft and push it against the bit of your choice in the handle. As the old bit goes into the hole, the new bit is pushed out the other side ready for use!
  • Magnet Block will magnetize or demagnetize your metal tools
    Magnet Block$7.95
    Magnetizes / Demagnetizes

    This one inch cube of magnetic power will magnetize and/or demagnetize your screwdriver.

    Pass the screwdriver back and forth through the hole in the center and magnetize your screwdriver. To demagnetize, pass the screwdriver back and forth along the slot on the outside of the block.

    Will also magnetize/demagnetize individual bits used in multi-bit screwdrivers.
  • Removes screws with broken or damaged heads
    Damaged Screw Extractor $17.95$9.00
    Remove damaged screw heads, free spinning screws and damaged bolts. No other extractor does so much! It's simple, fast and easy to use.

    Two bits easily remove # 6 to # 14 screws. Extracts screws easily from wood, metal or plastic and removes screws made of any alloy, including soft screws.