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  • Spectra Pro IVA Light Meter
    Spectra Pro IV-A Light Meter$449.95
    The digital Spectra professional IV meter was introduced in May 1992 at the American Society Of Cinematographers Club House. It measures Foot-candles, Lux and F/stops - the key unit of measurement used in Cinematography and Television applications.

    The Spectra Professional IV-A measures incident and reflected light directly in -stops, footcandles or lux and instantly calculates the f/stop difference, contrast ratio and average of your particular lighting situation. The multiple channel memory enables you to recall the stored measurement, current measurement, f/stop difference, contrast ratio and average. The meter covers a sensitivity range of almost one-million to one.

    This makes the hand-held incident meter a kind of insurance policy that eliminates second-guessing and gambling with exposure control, especially under the more difficult and extraordinary light conditions that are apt to confront the serious photographer.

    The Spectra Professional IV-A has a Digital f-stop measuring range that extends from f/0.24 to f/128 in 1/10-stop increments and the Analog Bargraph range from f/0.7 to f/45 in 1/3-stop increments. Both are displayed simultaneously on a backlit liquid crystal display, along with film-speed, frames per second for cine use or exposure time for still photography.

  • Mini Directors Viewfinder
    Mini Director's Viewfinder - Alan Gordon$399.95
    Alan Gordon Viewfinder. Features 1/3", 1/2" and 2/3" Video formats.

    When you're on a tight budget and still need a professional viewfinder, this is the best choice especially if you're shooting Hi-Def Video.

    The Mini measures 2" x 3" and has an 11x zoom. It covers film formats of 16, Super 16, 35mm and 35mm anamorphic plus 1/2," 1/3" and 2/3" video. Film Fomats and Focal Lengths are: 35mm: 18 - 200mm 16mm: 8 - 100m Super 16mm: 9.5 - 120mm 35mm Anamorphic: 35- 400mm 2/3" Video: 7 - 90mm 1/2" Video: 5 - 60mm 1/3" Video: 3.5 - 45mm

    Complete with a neck strap, screw-on lens cap and drawstring pouch.
  • Mark Vb Wide Angle Attachment
    Mark Vb Wide Angle Lens$129.95
    This wide angle attachment allows coverage as wide as 10mm for 35mm film.
    It produces a similar effect on the other film sizes and video formats as well.
    This attachment is a front mount accessory lens only. It does not include the Mark Vb viewfinder shown with it.
  • Mark Vb Directors Viewfinder is the industry standard
  • Mark Vb Belt Holster
  • Kessen 50foot Tape Measure
    Kessen 50 ft. Tape Measure$34.95
    Measures in both inches and meters--white side inches, yellow side meters. Fiber glass tape winds up into a solid metal case. Great for cameramen.
  • Gaffers Glass blue ring
  • Micro Director Viewfinder
    Micro Director Viewfinder - Birns and Sawyer$269.95
    Birns and Sawyer: This inexpensive portable telescoping viewfinder features formats for both film & video. Aspect ratios for TV, Academy 35, Academy 16, 1.69, 1.77, 2.35 and 2.55. Zoom range at 35mm setting is 18mm - 200 mm. Front diameter is 2". 2 1/4" long when closed and 3 1/4" long when extended.

    This is a perfect viewfinder for the student or director on a tight budget. Film Formats Include: 35mm, 16mm, Super 16mm & 35mm Anamorphic. Video Formats Include: 2/3" & 1/2"