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Knife Sharpeners

  • Lansky Universal Knife Sharpener
    Lansky Universal Knife Sharpener
    Lansky Universal Knife Sharpener
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  • Lansky Diamond Universal knife sharpener
    Lansky Diamond Universal knife sharpener$105.95
    Four diamond hones mean fast sharpening. Sharpens serrated and plain edge blades. Perfect edges every time.

    On the surface, the Diamond Lansky knife sharpening system looks just like the standard except the difference, of course, is that the diamond system uses quick cutting diamond hones to sharpen your knife blades to a perfect edge every time. And here's something special you get from TOOLS FOR STAGECRAFT. Normally, the diamond Lansky knife sharpening system only comes with three flat diamond hones. As with the standard system, I realize the importance of being able to sharpen serrated blades. That's why I add a forth hone -- a ceramic triangular hone to sharpen those serrated blades. Anywhere else, you'll find the diamond system includes three flat hones only. The four-hone diamond Lansky knife sharpening system for plain and serrated blades is special from TOOLS FOR STAGECRAFT.

    When using the Lansky knife sharpening system, you know that your blades are being sharpened with the same perfect angle on both sides of the blade. As you draw the hone across the starionary blade, the hone stays at exactly the angle you choose. You can't make a mistake.

    The Special TOOLS FOR STAGECRAFT Lansky diamond knife sharpening system comes with three diamond flat hones for your plain edge blades: course, medium and fine. The forth triangular ceramic hone is especially designed for serrated blades.

    In addition to the four hones, our diamond kit comes with blade vice, hone rods, oil, and durable plastic carrying case. When sharpening with the diamond hones, lubricate the hones with water instead of oil.
  • DMT Folding Serrated Knife Sharpener
    Folding Serrated Knife Sharpener$39.95
    Diamond coated steel tapered rod. Very convenient.

    Want a diamond knife sharpener that you can carrying in your tool bag? When you need it, just whip it out and it's ready for action! This tapered diamond coated steel rod folds into its own handle for storage like a butterfly knife. It's an excellent sharpener for your Spyderco serrated knives as well as any other serrated or plain edge knife. Fast, easy durable and easy to toss into your tool bag. Sharpening rod is 4 1/2" long.

    When sharpening a serrated blade, choose the thickness of the rod that matches your knife blade serration and push the sharpener forward. That's all there is to it. And it's fast because it's diamond.
  • DMT diamond duofold knife sharpener
    Diamond Duofold knife sharpener$44.95
    Same design as the folding Serrated Knife Sharpener. Two different (medium and fine) diamond sharpeners on a flat double-sided paddle.
  • Triangular Ceramic Hone Sharpener
    Triangular Ceramic Hone Sharpener$19.95
    For sharpening serrated blades. If you already have a Lansky knife sharpening system, you probably don't have the ceramic triangular hone for your serrated blades. Upgrade now so you can sharpen ALL your knives. Hone includes guide rod.