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Rope, Pulleys & Carabiners

  • Wide Split Side Pulley
    Wide Split-Side Pulley$89.95
    Made for a 5/8" line, the side plates are a full 1/4" further aprt than the RP 101 and RP 102 so it will travel our 3/4" rigging lines without a problem. Notice the large center hole? A perfect place to run a safety cable.
  • RP102 CMI Split-Side Pulley opens to accept rope at any point not just the ends
    RP-102 Split-Side Pulley (CMI)
    RP-102 Split-Side Pulley (CMI)
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    This pulley is for 5/8" line. The wheel is solid aluminum. The BLACK sides are aluminum. Rated at 5,000 lbs.

    Independant rotating sides like the RP-101 for easy rope access.

    This pulley is for 5/8" line so it fits all the hand lines in this catalog. The wheel and sides are aluminum. Rated at 5,000 lbs.
  • RP101 CMI Split-Side Pulley opens to accept rope at any point not just the ends
    RP-101 Split-Side Pulley (CMI)$41.95
    This pulley is for 5/8" line. The wheel is made of hi-tech Celcon (a nylon-plastic), the RED sides are aluminum. Rated at 3,500 lbs.

    The really great thing about this pulley is that the sides rotate independantly. That means you can put the rope into the pulley any place along the length of the rope not just insert it from the end like in standard fixed pulleys.
  • Petzl Protraxion
    Petzl Pro-traxion$159.95
    Safety pulley combines an integrated cam which allows the rope to move through the pulley in only one direction without slipping backwards.

    Supports a working load of 4kN (over 800 pounds). Aluminum split side design is like the RP101 and RP102. You can insert the rope at any point rather than threading it in from the end--a great time saver. Sealed ball-bearing and a 1.5" diameter sheave for smooth and efficient hauling.

    Fits rope sizes 8 - 13 millimeters.

    Domestic mail is not available for this product.
  • 5/8 inch halter or handline
    Halter Handline (by the foot)
    Halter Handline (by the foot)
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  • 5/8 inch Halter aka Handline
    Halter Handline (100 foot lengths)$79.50
    Order here to choose any number of 100 foot lengths of 5/8 black handline.

    If you want a color other than black, tell us in the "ordering options" box on "view cart" page. Although we may not be able match the color you want, we will contact you with close options.

    100 feet weighs just 7 pounds.
  • large carabiner with swing-out arm clears 2 inch batton pipe
    Fireman's Hook steel carabiner$69.95
    Extra wide gate fits over stage pipes.

    Here's a large, forged steel screw-lock caribiner with a very special side opening gate. The gate actually opens on a slight angle away from the oposing side to provide an extra large opening.

    This 7" long hook will fit over standard stage pipes and has a gate opening of 2 3/4." Comes with an optional rope guard pin.

    Rated at 7000 lbs.
  • 31kn extra strength D carabiner
    Extra Strength D Carabiner$19.95
    Forged aluminum, the D shape provides more strength than the traditional oval carabiner. Non-locking and rated at 23 KN (5000 pounds), black.
  • 5/8 inch static non-stretch rope
    Climber's Static Line 5/8" (per foot)$1.59
    Super strength and only 5/8" in diameter. If your needs require a super strength line, maybe this is for you. Tensile strength is rated at 12,200 lbs. At a 5% safety factor, that's a safe working load of 610 lbs. Order by the foot. Available in Black only.
  • safety carabiner locks when closed
    Ball Locking Carabiner$28.95
    When safety is paramount, this Petzl aluminum caribiner will never accidentally open. Requires a press of the green button and a twist of the collar to open. Won't open by rope friction, etc. which is a problem with many other locking 'biners. This is a personal favorite of mine.
    Rated at 5000 lbs.
  • Auto locking large carabiner fits 2 inch pipe
    Auto Locking Big Hook steel carabiner$79.95
    Huge hook similar to the fireman's hook with two differences. The gate, while still opening to large capapcity size down not swing outward to the side but straight against the opposite side. The auto-lock is spring loaded and locks as it's being closed. Also fits around stage pipes and largest truss members.
  • Petzl Gri Gri
  • Petzl Stop
    Petzl Stop$189.95
  • Petzl Descender
  • Screw-lock Carabiner, Aluminum/black$17.95