Tools for Stagecraft

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  • Rotary Gel Cutter
    Rotary Gel Cutter$29.95
    Razor sharp. Holds an edge much longer than ordinary blades because it's round.

    The Fiskars Rotary Gel Cutter has a sharp circular razor-edged blade that's really smooth when cutting gel, tape, cloth, paper, etc. Just roll the cutter across your gel for a fast accurate cut.

    Comforable loop grip allows you to handle the gel and cut it without putting down the tool. Blade can be mounted on either side of the tool for "lefties" or "righties" and it stays sharp longer than the conventional mat knife because the round blade give yur 5 1/2" of actual cutting surface instead of cutting on exactly the same spot as you do with a mat knife. Standard size hub allows you to use any brand of replacement blade. Rotary Gel Cutter comes with one blade. Spare blades are also available. Lifetime warranty by manufacturer.
  • Locking Gerber Multiplier 600 Black
    Gerber Multiplier, Locking - model 600$70.00
    Same tool as the silver Locking Gerber multiplier, but it's black. Comes with nylon sheath. LIfetime Warranty from Gerber.
  • ergonomic wide jaw six inch adjustable wrench
    Ergonomic Wide Jaw 8 inch wrench$29.95
    Ergonomic grip is extremely comfortable. The jaw is marked in both inches and metric so you can open the wrench to the exact size you need in advance. Grip is a soft padded plastic designed to fit perfectly in your hand.
  • estwing straight claw hammer
    Hammer, Estwing$32.95
    This is the hammer that's been in my tool bag for the last 25 years. My father carried an Estwing for as long as I can remember. While some may prefer a wooden handle I really like the slim, but indestructible features of the Estwing hammer.

    Steel Head and Steel Shank wrapped with genuine leather for the grip.

    16 oz. straight claw Estwing for stage work.
  • 3/8 inch sister lug key
    Sister Lug Key - Hex 3/16 inch$14.95
    3/16" Hand held T-handle wrench primarily used by film electricians on sister lugs. Only 6" long.
  • Klein Ratcheting Box wrench
    Klein Ratcheting Box wrench $34.95
    Used primarily in Motion Pictures for sister lugs. Also handy in the theatre. This ratchet wrench will fit the set screw on C-clamps no matter which size bolt head you encounter.
    Square box fits 1/4" and 3/8" studs as well as 5/16" and 3/16" #22110 Klein Ratcheting Box Wrench $29.95
  • Spyderco Delica or Delica II Knife
    Spyderco Delica or Delica II Knife
    Extremely sharp "Spyder Edge" stainless steel blade really holds its edge. Police and paramedics choose the Spyderco to make fast cuts on auto seat belts in emergencies. The serrated version is a great heavy duty rope cutting knife. The Delica is the same knife but slightly smaller than the Endura.

    Patented thumb hole at the top of the blade lets you easily "flick" the locking 2 3/4" blade open with one hand.

    Two options: The Delica with a lightweight Zytel grip and locking blade or the Delica II with an all stainless steel grip. Steel belt clip comes on both models. 1 year warranty by manufacturer. Starts at $49.95
  • Socapex Six Circuit Tester Female end provides the actual test results
    Socapex Six Circuit Tester - Female
    Socapex Six Circuit Tester - Female
    Average rating:
    LAST ONE. Simple Female tester has what it takes to check 6 circuit par bars with ease. Threads removed - just push it onto the connector. 6 LEDs tell you if there's a problem, green for "good," no light for "bad" and red for a short circuit. Powered by a 9v battery.
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