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Gerber Legend Multiplier - model 800

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Gerber has broken away from the one-hand "flick-it-open" design that made it famous, but with this multiplier the new Gerber Legend has some really nice features that are found only on this multipler.

Three new features set it apart from the rest. Don't you hate having to physically open the pliers every time you want to use it? These pliers are spring loaded so that they are always open ready for you to go to work. See the little triangle next to the word "Gerber"? That's the new replaceable wire cutting blade! And there's also a new replaceable all-purpose saw.

One of the really cool things about the Gerber Legend is that the parts that tend to wear down and reduce the life of your multiplier are all replaceable and that's a pretty neat feature all by itself.

The Gerber Legend comes with a nylon carrying case and of course carries Gerber's lifetime warranty.
Use this pouch if you are pairing your Gerber Legend with the following flashlights.

co120 mini maglite
co121 pelican m9, stealth, 4aa / streamlight stinger / surefire 6r, 9p, 9an, 8ax
co145 pelican tacklite, 2aa / streamlight scorpion / surefire 6p, 6z, g2, centurian