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5/8 inch halter or handline

Halter Handline (by the foot)

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5/8" Black Handline.

Soft Poly hand hand line is easy on the hands. 5/8" diameter has a tensile strength rated at 2,250 lbs. At a 5% safety factor, that's a safe working load of 112 lbs. Rule of thumb is if the load it too heavy to lift without a mechanical advantage, then you should be using a stronger rope to do it.

5/8" rope fits the split-side pulleys which are also offered in this category. Ropes are cut with a hot-knife for a smooth ravel-free end.

You can order the rope in any continuous length. If you want a color other than black, tell us in the "ordering options" box on "view cart" page. Although we may not be able match the color you want, we will contact you with close options.

100 feet weighs just 7 pounds.
Do you want a color other than black? We have colors but they continually change. They could be solid. They could be striped. There's no telling what colors we might have at any given time. If you choose a color other than black, we will choose from what's available.