Tools for Stagecraft

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This pouch was designed to TOOLS FOR STAGECRAFT's specs for the stagehand who carries a Scorpion flashlight or the other well known 2 lithium cell high power flashlight of the same size.

The CO44 has 4 pockets, 3 of them with Velcro closure flaps. Made of tough ballistic nylon with a stong spring-steel belt clip.

You can carry an assortment of tools in the CO44. In one pocket you can carry the Scorpion flashlight or other well known brand of similarly sized high power xenon flashlight or a mid-size 4in1 screwdriver (see the "Pro-Pack"). The center pocket can carry a AA Maglite, Greenlee or Santronics Tick Tracer. The third pocket carries a Super Leatherman, Gerber Multiplier, SOG PowerPlier or large knife. The last pocket is actually a slot behind the three front pockets where you can carry your Klein 6" wide-jaw adjustable wrench.

You can mix and match the tools you carry in the CO44 to suit your needs. It's a very versatile pouch.