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Spot Dot 3.0

Spot Dot 3.0

Spot Dot 3.0
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The Spot Dot 2000 (pictured above) has been discontinued, but we now have the Spot Dot 3.0 It's new and better than ever before! Accurate like a laser -- but it's not! It's a reflected LED. Only the operator sees the dual color RED or GREEN dot.

Direct from the Manufacturer. Spot Dots are used around the world and in my opinion, they're the absolute best!

Accurate at all distances. Hit your mark on the stage every time without ghosting or chalk board marks. No one will know you're using a sight -- not the audience, not the talent, not even the LD!

Aimed by a red or green dot LED in the 30mm sight. This is NOT a laser! The dot is NOT projected beyond the sight. Choose from 5 brightness settings for either the RED or GREEN. The dot is visible to the operator under all conditions. Got a bunch of ACLs pointing toward your followspot position? Working outdoors before dark? No problem. See the dot, put it on the talent and open your douser. Perfect pickup every time.

Zero magnification. That's important because it means you can see the whole stage and use the scope at the same time.

Compact and lightweight. All new, with the six of the strongest rare earth magnets available. The base conforms to round or flat surfaces without adjustment.

Power from one readily available 3v lithium 2032 coin-cell battery provides 40+ hours of continuous use. Comes in a high impact plastic case measuring 6x7x6 inches so it's easy to carry in your toolbag.

Incorporated at no extra cost is a variable-angle ball socket adapter that allows the operator to set the sight angle to his preference and prevents him from hitting his headset on the side of the lamp. Also incorporated into the Spot Dot 3.0 is the attached safety leash which also used to be extra.

The Spot Dot 3.0 was designed and developed by TOOLS FOR STAGECRAFT. Use it every time you run follow spot and never miss a pickup again. I would never do a show without it.

Also available separately is a magnet upgrade (doubles the number of magnets in the base) and a stand-off upgrade (increases scope height by 1, 2 or 3 inches.)

We also have a limited supply of the Red only Spot Dot 3.0s available.

Batteries not included.
Red / Green Dot scope
30mm barrel
metal, not plastic
5 brightness settings for each color
much stronger rare earth magnets...6 in all
magnets attach to either a flat or rounded surface without readjusting
swivel angle adjuster built in
safety chain built in
lens cleaning cloth included
comes in padded carrying case
uses one cr2032 battery not included... same battery as the old Spot Dot 2000
battery holder has a screw on battery clip that could bend or break.
Spot Dot 3.0
Average rating:
5 reviews

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Spot Dot 3.0
Spot Dot 3.0
This tool is a great model. I’ve just used it for a run on Panto and it made life so much easier. The stronger magnet meant that it stayed in place for the whole show even when accidentally knocked. With a predominately red set the green laser made spotting so much easier and it was great that you can change the brightness too. The enclosed battery case is a much better idea too as the previous model had a flimsy clip which broke after only a reasonable amount of use. However it would be useful if you put a sheet in with a diagram of where parts are as the instructions are not clear without reading several times.

Negative comment- I got a shock when I had to pay an additional £35 for customs charges before I could have the item in the UK. It might be an idea to let people know before they purchase.

It’s a much improved product than the 2000 and still worth the cost.
Spot Dot 3.0
Spot Dot 3.0
I have now had the opportunity to use my Spot Dot 3.0 a handful of times. It works as advertised. I experimented with very tiny targets in the theater. Once dialed in, you can accurately hit your target from maximum distances.
Using the Spot Dot gives you confidence that you will hit your performer when the stage is brightly lit. It is also useful when your targets are on ice. Both situations when it is easy to lose track of your lights location.
It mounts easily and seems reasonably secured. There is only one improvement that I would make. I would like for the site to be further away from the spotlight. I could sit more comfortably if the arm was extendable. I intend to make an adjustment to solve this issue when I find the time.

Tools For Stagecraft is very accommodating. I will look to them for specialty needs in the future.


Our responseA stand-off upgrade is now available for the Spot Dot 3.0. It allows you to choose either an additional one. two or three inch addition to the height of the Spot Dot 3.0. You can find and order it under Followspot Accessories.
Spot Dot 3.0
Spot Dot 3.0 - Great Product for Improved Accuracy
I work at a high school and this product is great, especially if you often have newer people operating the spotlights. It adjust easily for multiple users, mounts easily, and can be stored easily when not in use. It has been a game changer because the students are no longer guessing and adjusting as they turn on their spots. They hit the target every time!

Tools for Stagecraft were great and quick to respond to any question or feedback. Will definitely buy from them again.
Spot Dot 3.0
Spot Dot 3.0
Before buying the spot dot, my crew (especially less experienced) had trouble hitting targets on stage. That problem was solved by the spot dot. Now there are no excuses. When that spotlight comes up, it's right on target. The only reason for the 4 star rating is wishing for longer battery life.
Our responseUsable battery life is about 40 hours.
Spot Dot 3.0
Perfect service and product
After a few weeks received my order in perfect condition. It took a while, especially at the Dutch customs (2 weeks at least), but it was worth it. Now use the Spot Dot 2000 a lot and have fun with this product. Thanks to