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  • Practical Guide to Stage Lighting
    Practical Guide to Stage Lighting$79.95
    Written by Steven Shelley. Large Format, 304 pgs.

    The nuts and bolts of the construction and implementation of theatrical lighting design. Comprehensive analysis of lighting systems along with step-by-step examples and illustrations. Experience-based tips, techniques and traps to avoid in preparing and executing a lighting design. Stories explain why some techniques succeed while others fail. The realities of working in the theater using practical methods to squeeze flexibility out of a lighting system along with solutions to common problems.

    A practical approach to lighting design including experience-based tips and traps to avoid. Includes a full step-by-step examination of the documents used in creating the lighting design.
  • Set Lighting Technicians Handbook manual primarily for film electricians
    Set Lighting Technician's Handbook$59.95
    Second Edition. Written by Harry C. Box. 431pages. 150 illustrations. 100 tables.

    Primarily intended as a film electrician's guide, this book has lots of cross-over information valuable to any theatre, television or concert electrician.

    It's a down to earth guide to pracitices, equipment and "tricks of the trade" for those who are really going to do the job. Includes electrical distribution and regulation, HMI and arc light operation, set protocol, effects lighting, light manipulation, stands, mounting hardware and much more.

    Newest editions
  • Photometrics Handbook provides information on theatrical lighting units
    Photometrics Handbook$24.95
    by robert C. Mumm, 492 pages, second edition.

    Look up virtually any lighting instrument including Source Fours and all moving lights. Determine the beam spread and foot candles as well as the types of lamps each unit accepts and what accessories are available. A gold mine of lighting information.
  • concert lighting
    Concert Lighting$84.95
    Second Edition, Written by James L. Moody. Expanded, Soft cover, Large Format. Author James L. Moody is a contributing editor for Lighting Dimensions Magazine.

    Special emphasis is placed on rock-and-roll concert lighting techniques and equipment. Takes the reader "on tour," covering all phases of the production from preproduction, design, road problems, equipment, video, rigging, special effects, arenas and more.
  • Guide to Knots shows in color the way to tie the knots you need on stage and more
    Guide to Knots$15.95$10.00
    By Mario Bigon and Guido Regazzoni 255 pgs, Softcover.

    This is the knot tying book I've been looking for. Learn how to tie any knot used onstage and for yachting. Finally I've found a book with full color photos and instructions that are easy to follow. Each strand of rope is a different color. This is definitely the best book I've ever found to teach anyone how to tie knots.
  • Stagecraft I shows how to build theatrical scenery
    Stagecraft I$29.95
    By William H. Lord 134 pgs, 1991 Oversize, Softcover.

    This book is subtitled 'A complete Guide to Backstage Work.' It's an introductory book covering all the fundamentals of a stagehands iob. The what, when and why of all backstage equipment and how to use it. Originally intended as a high school text, it has been used successfully by several IA locals for their new hires.
  • definitions of all audio terms
    Audio Dictionary$24.95
    Written by Glenn D.White 413 pages (1993)

    Easy reading in an area that can overload you with technical mumble jumble. This book isn't merely a lot of definitions of terms, but also in-depth discussion of many key topics in the field without resorting to the complicated mathematics involved. For anyone in the quest of a deeper technical understanding of audio -- both practical and theoretical -- this is the book for you.
  • Theatre Backstage A to Z
    Theatre Backstage A to Z$54.95
    Written by Warren Lounsbury and Norman Boulanger. 213 pages. (1991)

    One of two terrific A to Z books.
    An encyclopedia of terms from theatre slang to high technology. Hundreds of diagrams, photos, drawings and charts explain everything from stage braces and trammel points to projectors and a pool with a crosslight and a wash.

    Very informative.
  • Handbook of Knots and Splices
    Handbook of Knots and Splices$29.95
    By Charles Gibson 152pgs, Hardcover.

    This is the perfect companion to the "Guide to Knots." It has an incredible amount of extremely useful information on knots, hitches, splices, fancy work, block and tackle and something that most knot books leave out -- wire rope -- its splicing, care, how to work with wire rope, eyes and coiling.

    It describes the construction of rope and details its care. Also included are tables of the breaking strenths and weights of various ropes.

    Whether you want to learn more about standard rope or the handling of wire rope, this book, along with the "Guide to Knots" is perfect for you.
  • RigRight CD, manual, referenc cards and key
    RigRight CD, manual, ref. cards and key$599.95
    RigRight CD w/ manual (on disk) and Reference Cards Here's a computer program that computes and adjusts rigging geometry and forces, calculates positions, lengths, and forces for bridles, breastlines and deadhangs. It manages any number of loads simultaneously, of any weight and at any location, rigged from beams at any location. It does solutions in both 2 and 3 dimensions. Individual solutions can be adjusted to fit a particular situation. It supports files of beams and show rigging points. Solutions can be viewed individually, printed, recorded, and exported in spreadsheet form singly or as part of a group. What comes with the software? You get two laminated reference cards, RigRight 1.0 on CD, and a comprehensive manual (on disk) and the software key.. System Requirements: RigRight 1.0 is a windows program.. It needs 20 MB of RAM, 10 MB space on the hard drive, and a screen resolution of 800 x 600 or higher. #54531 RigRight CD w/manual, Ref. cards and key $499.95
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