Tools for Stagecraft

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  • Automated Lighting text book
    Automated Lighting$49.95$29.00
    OVERSTOCK SALE Written by Richard Cadena. Soft cover, 474 pgs., 2006

    Everything you need to know in an easy to understand book about automated lighting fixtures, systems, how they are used and design issues you will face using them. It's packed with lots of detailed information for both experienced and novice alike. Subjects covered include the history of automated lighting, DC and AC electricity, basic electronics, power supplies, digital electronics, electro-mechanical systems, optical systems (including dichroic filters, reflectors, lenses, and more), lamp technology, lighting effects (including color mixing, glass gobos, and more), data distribution systems, DMX, RDM, and ACN. State-of-the-art automated lighting fixtures in various applications including theatre, television, concert/touring, and permanent installations are discussed as well as special design issues. That covers about everything!

    Many high quality drawings and pictures illustrate the text. This up-to-date book with sections on the newest technologies in automated lighting is easier to read than your standard reference or user manual. It is entertaining and educational with lots of graphic illustrations and easy-to-understand concepts. Its the most fun you can have without sitting behind a console.
  • Health and Safety Guidelines for School Theater by Dr. Doom
    Practical Health & Safety Guidelines for School Theater Operations$109.95
    Also known as "Dr. Doom's Book"

    by Randall Davidson, 434pgs., large format, hard cover, 2005

    This book leaves "no stone unturned" as the famous Dr. Doom searches for the dangers lurking in every corner of your theatre. His stated purpose is to "motivate major re-thinking and necessary changes regarding health and safety practices in the performing arts at all educational levels." While that's quite a mouthful, the book illustrates many of the dangers you have very likely just gotten used to or assumed that "every theatre was like this." Lots of pictures show in detail the many dangers in all aspects of the theatre from the stage to the flys; from the house to the outside areas surrounding the theatre. An easy read, this book will send you into the theatre with "new eyes."
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