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Here are the key items technicians on stage, film, TV, conventions and churches need
f you don't see what you need, ask us to find it for you..
Our goal is to make your life easier, your job simpler and the show better.

Some of our featured items

Ultimate Ratcheting Focus Tool
arena rigging
gaffer tape
director chairs
lecterns, church pulpits, podiumslecterns, church pulpits, podiums
lecterns, church pulpits, podiumslecterns, church pulpits, podiumslecterns, church pulpits, podiums
Cross Lectern Plasma Lectern
Podiums / Pulpits
directors viewfinders
green laser pointer
ripoff cellphone holsters
Spot Dot 2000 followspot sight
arena rigging

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Moviemakers...we have the Alan Gordon Mark Vb Director Viewfinder. Others too. Looking for the Gator Grip? It's here. Our Gaffer Tape is the industry standard Gaffer Tape. Do you need a new presentation lectern (lecturn, pulpit, or podium)? How about a new Ripoff holster for your iPhone or android cellphone or a Ripoff holster for your tools? We have great deals on lithium cr123 batteries for your LED or Xenon flashlight. Riggers will find the Entertainment (Arena) Rigging book and a carabiner for every need. Our Lansky knife sharpener never makes a mistake. We have the Spot Dot 2000 followspot sight and even the Telrad is available (call). Headsets include the Telex PH88 or PH44 headset. And our gaffer glass helps you lighting directors and gaffers focus lamps.

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This product is unbelievable! It does exactly what it says it does on the website. I bought a power dialer for a Christmas gift, and Tools for Stagecraft went above and beyond to ensure I received my power dialer in time for Christmas. It was a pleasure doing business with Tools for Stagecraft. If you are thinking about getting one, but you're still undecided, take my advice and get it! I highly recommend it. I will be doing business with this company in the near future. Thanks for everything Tools for Stagecraft!
-Chris Pariselli

I love the new pencil flashlights. They are great. I have one in my pocket every day!! I have always been pleased with all my orders from tools for stagecraft. You offer wonderful items. Thanks for the personal contact. It is nice to know you are interested.
Thanks again,
Richard Miller

Your service was outstanding and I'm looking at another order once things calm down.
Owen Wolf
Random Productions

I appreciate the customer service, and I love the switchblade screwdriver. Thanks again,
Vince Capone

The Spot dots are working great. I have purchased from you in the past and the results have always been great. I will continue to purchase thru you. Thanks,
Kevin Fortney
Technical Director
Mesa Arts Center

Thanks for your great customer service. I got my shipment today and you saved me money. What more could I ask for?
Tim Ligatti
Production/Stage Manager Pacific Symphony
Santa Ana, CA

I tell everyone I know about your site! As for the headlight, I use it every day. It's very light and brighter than I ever thought it would be!
Ryan Fabich
Texarkana, TX
(referring to the Sceptor headlight)

Thank you for writing my order has been great! Thank you for your fast and friendly service. Yes I am telling all my theatre friends about your site. Great job keep up the good work. I am sure that I will have another order for you soon. Thank you again!
Michael L Kurhajec

Wonderful customer service. I am very pleased with my order. I've found a billion more uses for the stuff I ordered than I thought I would, although I will say that had I seen the Mongo wrench on the site before yesterday, I'd have bought it instead of the mega wrench. I'm singing your praises over every stage I cross, and have already recommended to many kids I come across who are just starting out in theatre.
Tim O'Donnell

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